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! scope="col"|Juan:
! scope="col"|Juan:
|It's a phenomenon where a ghost who has a connection to this world appears in a photograph! Especially one who makes a grudge against someone...
|It's a phenomenon where a ghost who has an attachment to this world appears in a photograph! Especially one who makes a grudge against someone...
! scope="col"|Stan:
! scope="col"|Stan:

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Episode begins, the bandit's house at night, owls hooting, crickets chirping
Stan: Okay, Juan, I give up... What's this?
Juan holding the camera
Juan: It's an instant camera. I do like so... and after Stan, Nigel and Joe's beautiful visage has been copied, you can see it right away!
Stan: Well, let's test it at once.
Stan and his bandits ran outside
Nigel: Peace! Take a picture of us against the night sky.
Juan: Are you ready? Say 'cheese'!
Juan presses the camera and take shot, Stan seeing the picture
Stan: Let me see!
George: How did it turn out?
Juan: Did you see that?
Stan seeing the picture and the picture fades in slowly
Joe: Oh, it's appearing! You can take good pictures if you have a good model.
Juan was terrified
Stan: Hm?
Stan saw the picture, a ghost inside a picture
Juan: That's...! That's a photograph of a ghost!
Nigel: A ghost?!
Juan: It's a phenomenon where a ghost who has an attachment to this world appears in a photograph! Especially one who makes a grudge against someone...
Stan: A grudge? [laughs] Then this is great!
George: What are you talking about?
Stan: It's interesting to have a ghost who resents me! [laughs]
Stan tosses the picture away, the bandits went inside the house, Stan, Nigel and Joe begins to shiver.
cut to the forest, Hal was sitting on the tree branch, only Stan was watching
Stan: Do you see anything? What is it?
Hal: I see...
Stan: What? What do you see?
Hal: A ghost that holds a grude towards you is in your house.
Stan: Huh?! A ghost in my house?!
Hal: I'm afraid it will appear tonight.
Stan jumped on the car, while the bandits sitting on the seats
Stan: We're going back to the house. Hurry up.
they drive off
Harry: Say, boss, how did it go?
Stan: It looks like it will appear tonight.
George: It was a ghost after all?
Stan: If the ghost appears, I'll put it on TV! [laughs nervously]
Joanna: Who knows you should find that house anyway.
Stan: My house looked old with intent, but it's new. There's no such thing as ghosts! The ghost and the big snake are both frauds.
Juan: What about the ghost in the picture?
Joe: [gulps] It must have been a mistake...
Suddenly, the bandits took a surprise, it was a drawbridge closes
Joanna: What's going on?!
Juan: The bridge is... We haven't finished crossing...!
The bandits screamed
Nigel: Brake brake brake!
The car skids to a stop, and the bandits fell to the ground
Stan: What happened to the bridge?
George: It must have been done by the ghost.
Stan: Stop talking nonsense!
Joanna: Give me a break, guys.
Then the bandits hearing the footsteps coming through the house, they saw flashing eyes, the bandits shuddering in fright, it revealed was Horno and Hono
Hono: Are you hurt?
Stan: What did you do?
Joanna: Can't you even raise and lower the bridge properly?!
Horno: For some mysterious reason this evening, the bridge has increased with its own record...
Harry: We don't want to hear your apologies! Investigate the cause at once!
Stan looked around, and he saw a ghost floating towards him. He was terrified
Stan: [screams] It's here! Don't come near me!
Juan: Stan? Are you all right?
Stan looked around nervously, there was no sign of ghost
Stan: Well, it's nothing! [chuckles]
Juan: Hey, wait!
Stan follows the bandits inside the house
Inside, Riley, Elycia and the others was on the room
Elycia: A ghost, it was definitely a ghost!
Riley: Now, now, Elycia...
Toby: I hope he didn't scare you.
Denko: I'm sure you will be able to do that...
Stego: What did you mean your bag of bones.
Dongera: I meant they had to go straight into the forest before something worse happened.
The bandits walked inside the room
George: Guys, what is it?
Riley: What in the world...
Elycia: happening in this house?!
Stan: What is it all of a sudden?
Toby: We uh... well... we saw something...
Elycia: It was a ghost!
The bandits shocked, but they amused
Stan: Elycia, I think you had better sense...
Olympia: I saw it too!
Harry: Huh?
Olympia: Tonight, as I walked down the corridor...
In flashback, Olympia was wandering in the corridor, but she noticed was something looked familiar. But a ghost appeared out of nowhere, Olympia was horrified
Olympia: There were footsteps behind me, and when I turned around there was a ghost!
Elycia: My story is even more terrible!
Nigel: Oh, what now?
Elycia: It happened when I was watching TV in the living room tonight...
In flashack, Elycia was watching TV inside the living room, but the windows flew open, she turned around, she closes the windows. But a ghost appeared, and Elycia horrified, she shuts the curtains, she sighed in relief. But the ghost scares Elycia
Elycia: I've never been so scared before.
Riley: How is my blood-chilling experience in comparison?
Joe: Huh?
Riley: Tonight when I was in the wine cellar...
In flashback, Riley collected some wines in the cellar, but he looked around the bottles floating towards him, he screamed and run away.
Riley: The bottles rose into the air in front of my eyes. I guess it must be the actions of a ghost...
The bandits burst out laughing
Stan: Yes, I get it! You're all kidding me!
Denko: No, it's true!
Barbara: We put Dicky to bed early because it was dangerous!
Just then, Colonel Trike, Vionet, Trike Jr. and the Triceratops Patrol appeared
Toby & Denko: Sir.
Colonel Trike: It is obvious that paranormal phenomenon has occurred in this house.
Vionet: Because that corridor is so scary, but we know it can be more dangerous than itself.
Colonel Trike: What are you plotting?
Stan: AH! It's not me!
Barbara: Didn't you get a monster?
Dongera: What about the skeleton in the dungeon?
Stan: You know about that too! It's just a fake to wake up the mood...
Elycia: Oh, I can't even go to the bathroom because it's so scary!
Riley: Why does the wine floating?
Olympia: And the footsteps?
Stan covered his ears in fright
Stan: Stop stop stop! There are no ghosts!
cut to the bandits and Zardon's talk
Zardon: So anyone else has to look for it, huh?
Stan: Send a monster that specializes in exterminating ghosts.
Zardon: It's unfortunate, but I can't follow your order because of your unpaid bill.
Stan: What?! Give me some support!
Zardon: You will receive your order as soon as we confirm your payment.
Stan: Confirm my payment? [groans] I'll show him who holds the sword!
Joe: It's best not to lose it.
but the lights starts to flickering on and off
Stan: HUH?! [stammering] Who's there?!

Stan, Nigel and Joe ran away

cut to the hallway, Stan, Nigel and Joe walking by themselves

Stan: I can't be in a place like this anymore.
Suddenly, Stan, Nigel and Joe hearing the footsteps, they looked around nervously
Olympia (flashback): There were footsteps behind me, and when I turned around...
Stan shooks his head in disgust
Stan: Bah! There's no such thing as ghosts! [sighs] Alright, I'll find out who makes these footprints.
Stan, Nigel and Joe walking backwards slowly
Nigel: Ghosts are just superstition.
Stan, Nigel & Joe: There's no such thing as ghosts, there's no such thing as ghosts, there's no such thing as ghosts...
But Stan, Nigel and Joe hearing another footsteps, they shocked
Hal (flashback): I'm afraid it will appear tonight.
Stan, Nigel and Joe still shivers, but something was bumped into, it was Juan and George, they screamed in terror, but they realized who they was
Juan: Stan?
Stan: Juan!
Juan: I heard footsteps and I thought a ghost might...
Stan furiously slapped Juan in his face
Stan: Forget excuses, investigate the situation!
Juan: Of course I can't! Paranormal phenomenon is not my specialty!
cut to the phantom fighters
Blicky: Do you think they would think the ghost is getting closer to us?
Picky: Oh, Blicky, if it ever happens that you say you're not here, do you prove you're here?
Blicky: I don't get it.
Icky: Do you think they can help us?
Picky: I don't know.
Blicky: It would make me very happy if they were.
Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja appears at the hallway
Claite: Oh, would it?
Sune: Yeah, that would be so good.
Claite: What would you say if I said I had a plan to find out if they were getting help?
Sune: That would be nice.
Parafly-Lum: Do you have any idea how to ask someone else?
Sune: Of course.
Dicky: So, uh, are you something that will work out?
Fojo: Sure, Dicky. We'll never let you down. We'll ask them.
Faja: Oh, how exciting. I like that we would ask someone.
cut to Stan, Nigel and Joe
Nigel: The toilet is...
Elycia (flashback): Oh, I can't even go to the bathroom because it's so scary!
Stan: Oh, I have to go... Ah, it's unavoidable!
Nigel: It's dark, isn't it... [gulps]
cut to Parafly-Lum, Fojo, Faja, The Phantom Fighters, Juan and George
George: But your boss is here. You have to prank them.
Claite: So tell us what to scare away.
Sune: Ghosts?
Dicky: Oh, that's right!
Dicky turned to Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja
Dicky: I have a little something in my sleeve. Besides, you know how to scare these bandits. Right, guys?
Parafly-Lum: Oh, sure.
Juan: Oh, we're running out of time, guys. I still have to explain the plan to you.
Claite, Blicky and Sune holding the sheets
Fojo: Oh. Is it? Well, we better dress up like ghosts and scare them away.
Faja: Of course we can!
Claite, Blicky and Sune gave sheets to Fojo, Faja and Parafly-Lum. They puts on their bed sheets and turns them into ghosts
Claite: What do you know, guys?
Parafly-Lum: We know what sure to scare the bandits.
Fojo: Let's scare into action!
Faja: I like the sound of that. Let's go and haunt them!
Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja floats into the hallway
Claite and the phantom fighters hid behind some wall
Stan, Nigel and Joe approach Juan and George
Stan: If I wet us it's because of you!
Stan, Nigel and Joe push Juan and George into the hallway
Juan: What are you doing?! [stammering] Just a second here! Stop, let me go! Stop here! [screams]
Stan, Nigel, Joe, Juan and George rammed into the restroom door and it burst open and crashed into the floor.
Stan: Just a little farther...
Joe: We did just in time!
Stan, Nigel and Joe using the toilet, and then they finished
Stan: [sighs] That was refreshing...
Nigel: Yeah, we really gotta cut back on my ice teas.
Stan, Nigel and Joe wash their hands on the sink
Stan: Well, guys? Hello?
Stan, Joe and Nigel were looking
Nigel: Juan?
Joe: George?
Stan: Juan...?
However, they soon after felt something moan next to them. Stan, Nigel and Joe was shocked, they nervously looked around
Joe: Juan?
Nigel: George? Where are you?!
Stan, Nigel and Joe ran out of the restroom
Stan, Nigel & Joe: [screaming]
They skids to a stop, Stan, Nigel and Joe's eyes widened & their pupils shrunk as they saw Parafly-Lum in his ghost costume floating towards them
Faja: [ghostly voice] Woooooo!
Fojo: [ghostly voice] Wooooooo!
Parafly-Lum: [ghostly voice] Wooooo!
Stan, Nigel and Joe was terrified and their teeth chattering in fright, as the ghost was getting closer to Stan, Nigel and Joe
Stan, Nigel and Joe began to shiver in fright, then Fojo in his ghost costume floating at Parafly-Lum's side, and Faja in her ghost costume floating at Fojo's side
Faja: [ghostly voice] Wooooooo!
Parafly-Lum: [ghostly voice] Woooooo!
Fojo: [ghostly voice] Wooooo!
The ghosts floating closer and closer to Stan, Nigel and Joe
Stan: Get away from us, you stupid spirits!
Faja: [ghostly voice] Woooooo!
Fojo: [ghostly voice] Wooooooo!
Nigel: [panting] [screams]
Joe: Don't scare us around my house!
The vultures woke up hearing Stan, Nigel and Joe's screaming in the house
Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja floated back to the Phantom Fighters
Sune: That was great!
Dicky: Did you see their faces?
Fojo: They were almost scared to death!
Parafly-Lum: I knew the bandits were running, now they lead into the dungeon!
Faja: We just need to do a little more!
Claite: You're right!
The Phantom Fighters, Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja goes into the dungeon
Joanna: What's going on?
Harry: Stan, Nigel and Joe! They're gone!
Joanna: Gone? What do you mean gone?
Olympia: It looked like something was passing...
Riley: It seems that the one who made that racket was these guys.
Colonel Trike: They seem to be running around.
Stego: You won't believe me, sir, but look, now someone used the same word you did, and they ran out by the spirits!
Dongera: Well, don't just stand there, guys. Let's separate! We have to find them!
Dongera ran into the hallway
Stego: Oh, if something happens to these guys, I'll never forgive myself. I have to find them.
Stego walked into the hallway
Colonel Trike: Over there!
Joanna: We'll follow them!
Riley and the others ran into the hallway
cut to the dungeon
Stan: [groans] I feel that we got my body in chains.
But Stan, Nigel and Joe realized, they stuck in chains because they wouldn't get out
Nigel: What's going on?!
Stan: Somebody, help me!
Joe: Somebody!
Above the dungeon walls, the phantom fighters was ready
Claite: Now that's just one thing we can do, guys. You swing that giant blade, you push the wall, you hand the spider, and I control the skeletons. Let's go!
Nigel: What should I do?
Picky using the swinging giant blade, began to swinging. It swung dangerously close to Stan, Nigel and Joe's stomachs, almost cutting into them.
Joe: What now?!
the giant blade continues to cutting them
Stan: [screams] Somebody help us! We're sorry for everything we have ever done!
Nigel: We're fate for sure!
cut to the hallway, hearing the screaming, Olympia peered into the dungeon
Olympia: This way!
Riley and the others follows into the dungeon
cut to the giant blade swung at Stan
Stan: [grunts]
the giant blade swung at Nigel
Nigel: [screaming]
the giant blade swung at Joe
Joe: Whoa!
Icky pushes one of the walls and fell in on the bandits
Stan, Nigel & Joe: [screaming] [grunting]
the wall crashed into pieces, Blicky using a spider and crawls towards Joe
Joe: [screaming] Get away from me!
Claite using the two involved skeletons
Stan: [screams]
Joe: [grunts]
Nigel: [screams]
The ghosts floating towards the bandits again
Faja: [ghostly voice] Woooooo!
Fojo: [ghostly voice] Wooooooo!
Parafly-Lum: [ghostly voice] Wooooo!
Stan tries to avoid the skeleton, but to no avail
Faja: [ghostly voice] Wooooooo!
Parafly-Lum: [ghostly voice] Woooooo!
Fojo: [ghostly voice] Wooooo!
Stan, Nigel & Joe: [screaming]
Stan, Nigel and Joe faints, Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja puts off their bed sheets, and they realized the bandits were fainted
Dicky: Although they are an adult, they are not cold.
Claite: Oops, they were so scared they fainted.
Just then, Juan and George appears in the dungeon, handing the candies
Juan: Everyone, you did a good job. This is your reward.
Parafly-Lum, Fojo, Faja and Dicky was so happy and they gives the candies
Fojo: We did it!
Faja: It was a huge success!
Dicky: But I never thought we could make a prank with these guys.
George: [chuckles] Right!
the lights came back on
Olympia: Fojo?
Barbara: Faja?
Elycia: Parafly-Lum?
Riley: And you guys too?
Juan and George was nervous
Dicky: [chuckles nervously]
Parafly-Lum: But we scared them.
Colonel Trike: What is the meaning of this blasphemy?
Dongera: Why don't you explain?
Juan and George felt sorry
Juan: This is... revenge.
Vionet: Revenge?
George: I've been very scared of these guys so far...
Juan: These guys love playing pranks... I wonder how many times they scared us...
In flashback, Juan opens the box, but a Jack-in-a-Box popped out of the box, scares Juan
George: Sometimes they would confine us to the swamp for hours and hours...
In flashback, George swam away from the crocodiles
Juan: On another occasion, these guys frightened in a cave
In flashback, Juan and George walked into the cave, yawning and they need some rest. But they noticed something was a dark figure in the corner, it was a ferocious smilodon
Juan: This is bad for my heart. It's bad for my blood pressure.
George: That's why I knew I had to come back one day.
Stego: It was almost just fun...
Barbara: Oh, I guess it was hard for you...
Olympia: And you bribed Claite and the others.
Juan: It was all my plan. The instant camera, the slithering friend's prediction, the accident on the bridge, even the flying ghosts... Everyone, I'm...
Colonel Trike: Was the disturbance really all he did?
Riley: I thought it was a real ghost.
Elycia: Dicky, you rascal!
Dicky: Stan, Nigel and Joe also scared us, and I wanted them even!
Parafly-Lum: Yeah!
Olympia: Well, that's okay, right? They can also fool around sometimes.
Riley and the others burst out laughing
Stan: So that was the case...
Riley and the others stopped laughing, seeing them, they was okay
Juan: Stan!
Stan: We heard everything, Juan. We're wrong.
Olympia: What?
Elycia: Oh my...
Riley: Those guys don't act themselves...
Joe: We didn't know we hurt you that much. We'll never threaten you again.
George: [stammering] Joe?
Parafly-Lum, Dicky, Fojo and Faja looked with amazement
Joanna: Look, they're alive! Alive! Yes! [laughs delight]
Harry: Yeah! Oh, thank goodness!
Stan: Forgive me, Juan? Now let's make peace with a handshake.
Juan & George: Sure!
Juan uses the key and unlocks all the chains
Juan: Stan, we can make up with a handshake.
Stan: Okay. Let's get along...
Joe: I guess we are the only one who is a champ, not the only one is a chump.
Stan happily gives a handshake to Juan, then Nigel and Joe got up
Nigel: Well, if you think we'd say that, you're right!
George: Boys! That's what you said earlier!
Joe: You're right, both will search for that monster!
cut to the hallway, the bandits, Riley and the others searching the ghost
Joanna: Don't worry, guys, we'll find it.
Juan: If we come out of this alive, we'll never come closer to any monsters again.
but a ghost appears at the hallway
Stan: You again? You have to be kidding me!
Riley: That's it, the one I saw.
Stan: What was that...
The bandits looked around nervously
Joe: Then this is...
The ghost: Pay your bill...
Olympia: A real...
Riley: Ghost?
Elycia: Oh!
The bandits screaming in terror, and they ran away from the ghost
The ghost: Pay your bill...
The bandits ran into the money room
Stan: Stay away! Don't come any closer!
Stan presses the codes
Stan: Stop!
The ghost: Pay your bill!
Stan: We'll pay!
Stan opens the money box, and tosses the money bags
Stan: Get away! Don't come near us, you! Run away! Go away! Get lost!
The ghost handing the money bag
The ghost: You've paid your bill. Thank you...
The ghost disappear into the sky
Dicky: Oh, wait. Are you used by these guys?
Claite: Of course! Since we terrorized the bandits to the end, this is a victory!
Stan: [clearing throat] All of you... We won't hurt this!
Joanna: Would you?

Stan kisses Joanna, this made Denko, Toby, Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja laugh

Episode ends

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