A Horror of Masking Girl/TranscriptA Night in the CemeteryA Night in the Cemetery/Transcript
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Haunt-to-Haunt for GhostsHaunt-to-Haunt for Ghosts/TranscriptHistory of Medieval
History of Medieval/TranscriptJuan SquadJuan Squad/Transcript
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Scare MasterShips AhoyShips Ahoy/Transcript
Surprise Attack/TranscriptTeensy QueenThe Adventure in the Haunted Forest/Transcript
The Arrival of the Friendly Giant/TranscriptThe Battle for the Glades of Dreams/TranscriptThe Celebration of Ghoul Party/Transcript
The Charming LizardThe Dinosaur BookThe Dinosaur Book/Script
The Dragon in the Volcano/TranscriptThe Dream of a Paradise for Dinosaurs/TranscriptThe Flying Carpet Adventure/Transcript
The Ghoul Carnival/TranscriptThe Great Car Championship/TranscriptThe King for a Day
The King for a Day/TranscriptThe Legend of Human-Hollow/TranscriptThe Night of the Abandoned Mansion/Transcript
The Search for the Golden TreasureThe Search for the Golden Treasure/TranscriptThe Sky is Falling
The Spooky Ghosts/TranscriptTrick It and Haunt ItTrick It and Haunt It/Transcript
Trick or Treat/TranscriptVoice ActorsWinter Fun in the Ice Rink/Transcript
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