The episode begins, Riley looked in his binoculars, and he looked at the clock.
Riley: It's ten minutes over eight but it does not see a living life up there. What has happened?
Riley ran up to Kristie's castle. Doors and windows were well closed. He knocked on the door. No one opened. He pounded as hard as he could.
Riley: Open, Kristie! It's Riley!
Kristie opened a window and peered out.
Kristie: It was good that you came.
Kristie opened the door.
Riley: Why didn't you wave to me today?
Kristie: Who dares to come out on such a day. Haven't you heard the news on radio?
Riley: Nah.
Kristie: Then you don't know that a lion has escaped from a circus down the valley. It's certainly a wild and dangerous beast. I'm not going to go out until it's caught.
Stephanie came rushing.
Stephanie: Riley, a lion has escaped from a circus!
Stephanie pointed to the food cellar
Stephanie: Over there! The food cellar!
Riley: Do you mean the lion is there?
Stephanie nodded
Riley: Then it will soon be captured.
Riley went toward the basement staircase
Kristie: Look out!
Riley: Oh, I've just been drinking a can of your juice, so now I can use the strength.
Riley listened outside the cellar door. Strange sounds were heard in it, sounding like someone was chewing on something.
Riley: Maybe the lion munched on one of Kristie's meats.
Riley slowly opened the door. There was no trace of any lion, but the sound was still heard. It came from a barrel. Riley slipped forward and peered into it. Then he began to laugh - because there Petunia sat and munched on an apple. In the empty barrel it echoed.
Petunia: Riley, it's just me. I chewed on an apple.
Riley: I thought it sounded like a lion gnawed on a bone.
Petunia agreed.
Kristie: Then it's best that I close again and don't go out until they have got hold of the beast. Be careful you too.
Riley: Oh, I'm not afraid.
Tiffany, Ari and Yusi sat in front of the TV and munched on popcorn when they heard about the runaway lion in news.
Ari: I'm always so scared, now I'm even more afraid.
Yusi: Best to put furniture for the door so that the lion cannot enter!
Tiffany, Ari and Yusi carried all their furniture there.
Tiffany: But the windows! Imagine if the lion jumped in through one of them.
Tiffany nailed for boards.
Tiffany: [sighs] There, now no one can come in. My home is a real fortress.
Then a roar was heard from the closet. Tiffany, Ari and Yusi ran around, around the floor and wanted to get out. But it was not easy, as they had blocked windows and door.
Yusi: Oh, what a misery!
Ari: How would we get out of there? Uh... I know, the chimney!
Tiffany, Ari and Yusi climbed through the chimney. They came out and rushed towards Riley and Elycia. Ari and Yusi babble.
Ari: [simultaneously with Yusi] Lion! My house! Help! Furniture! Chimney! Help! The closet! Help!
Yusi: [simultaneously with Ari] We saw a lion! In my house! Help! Hurry! The closet! Do something!
Riley: Now try to calmly and sensibly tell what you wanted to say.
Ari and Yusi made an effort to be calm, and eventually they managed to explain that the lion was in the closet.
Elycia: Is that? Oh, yes. The lion was in the closet.
Riley: Elycia's right, we'll handle this.
Riley and Elycia joined the house, and strong as he is, he managed to open the door despite all the furniture in the way.
Riley: Maybe it's just a little mouse here.
Tiffany: Careful!
Riley opened the door to the closet.
Riley: This time there was no mouse. Well, it was actually the escaped lion.
Elycia: I think it's... it's...
But no big and dangerous lion everyone had imagined, but a little cute lion cub. It looked so nice.
Elycia: It's a lion cub.
Ari: Though we're happy if you take him from here.
Elycia took with the lion cub, she and Riley walks to Riley's house
Riley: You're well hungry, you little poor guy. Here you get a sandwich.
The lion cub wrinkled his nose and shook its head
Riley: Don't like sandwiches! Apples then?
The lion cub shooks its head again
Riley: Fish?
The lion cub shooks its head a 3rd time
Riley: Well, not that either. Grubs? 
The lion cub shooks its head a 4th time
Riley: No. What do you want me to invite you to?
Elycia thought and then she came up with something.
Elycia: After all, you're a lion cub and of course you want a gruel in a bottle.
Elycia cooked gruel and see, it tasted. The lion sucked in deeply.
Elycia: I called Leo, a lion cub.
Leo liked his new name.
Riley: You get to sleep with us tonight, so we go back with you tomorrow.
But then Leo began to worry.
Riley: Don't you want to go back to the circus?
Leo shooks his head
Riley: Then you release it. We force no one.
Leo jumped up and licked Riley and Elycia, then he went around the room like a rocket, so happy he was. Elycia made Leo into a basket next to her bed.
Elycia: Sleep tight.
Elycia turned off the light. Then she felt a thud on her stomach. It was Leo who jumped up to her and didn't want to lying in the basket.
Elycia: Really, you want to stay with us instead. Well, crawl under the blanket then!
Soon Riley, Elycia and Leo slept. The next morning, Riley and Elycia went to Kristie's Castle to show Leo to Kristie. Everyone watched as they came with a lion cub in ribbon just as if it had been a dog.
Riley: Here's the terrible beast you have been so afraid of.
Kristie: [laughs] It was the cutest beast I've seen.
Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily hid and looked suspiciously out of there. But soon Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily and Leo were good friends and played awkwardly.
Kristie: Now we have food. Leo may be eating the same thing as them.
Kristie filled the food bowl. It didn't believe Riley and Elycia, and they were right. Leo sniffed in the bowl and frowned.
Petunia: Strange, fish that is so good.
Elycia: He just likes gruel.
Because when Kristie put meatballs on the table, Leo put his nose in the weather, licked his mouth and jumped up on the table. Before anyone could so much as blink, he had sat in them all - that was thirty-two. Leo belched, and which made Riley and Elycia annoyed a bit.
Riley: What a hoax! Now there was nothing left for us!
Next to juice, Kristie's meatballs are the best he knows.
Kristie: It was fun that he liked them. I can do more, no matter how many.
Before Leo was ready, he had put himself ninety-four meatballs - that is probably the host's record. But then he was also measured! He had to lie down and rest in a basket.
Vivian: Hey! Looks like the lion cub was eating some meatballs.
Jake: Of course! He likes food for some reason.
Lily: Yes, Jake. The lions likes meatballs.
Riley: He looks like a football.
When they were going home, Riley was carrying Leo, because Leo's stomach was such a step that it dragged into the ground when he tried to walk. One day it knocked on the door. There were three bandits were Harry, Nigel and Joe.
Nigel: We're looking for a lion that has escaped.
Harry: Move on so we can see if it hides in you!
Yusi: There's no lion here.
Joe: I want to investigate this myself.
The three bandits escaped Ari and Yusi and sneaked through the whole house, in every cabinet, under the bed, even in the stove.
Ari: Shouldn't you look in the coffee cups too?
Harry: I didn't dare say anything more.
When the three bandits had left, he ran as fast as he could to a shortcut to Riley's house.
Riley: Good that you warned me.
Giant Longneck Lizard: Sure we can get ready.
They had barely done it until it knocked on the door. It was Nigel, Joe and Harry.
Nigel: We're going in and looking for a lion.
Riley: Sorry but I happen to live here, so I decide which ones to come in. And now I decide that you shouldn't.
Joe: Let's see about that!
Giant Longneck Lizard: Now I'm tired of this game!
Nigel, Joe and Harry looked up and saw Giant Longneck Lizard, who was glaring at them. 
Nigel: [laughs nervously] Goodbye!
The three bandits ran for their lives. Ari and Yusi who kept watch in a window.
Yusi: They didn't run far. They hide in the bushes down there!
Elycia: They'll snuggle there until I go out with Leo. We have to get rid of them in some way. What should we do?
Ari and Yusi always do when they think.
Ari: Do you have any gentleman clothes and lady clothes?
Riley: Yes, some of the clothes we once had on masquerade. What are you going to do with them?
Ari and Yusi dressed up Riley and Elycia in clothes.
Ari: Try to go for a while, so we can get out of here. We go to the castle. Then we let the bandits search the house. When they don't find you here, they saw enough to go away and look elsewhere.
The plan succeeded. They passed three bandits. Riley and Elycia then went to them.
Elycia: Sorry, we were probably a bit harsh and angry just now. Be so good and look through my house.
The three bandits sought as carefully as Ari and Yusi, but in the end they must admit.
Nigel: No, here's no lion. Well, it has stuck to another village.
When the three bandits had left the village, Riley, Tiffany, Ari, Yusi and Elycia also went to the castle.
Claite: Ah, I see you've found the arrival.
Elycia: Yes. This is Leo, a lion cub.
Leo smiled at them
Sune: Of course, the lion cub have a visit!
Icky: Sure it was, lions are fierce. It's quite generally known, really.
Blicky: Yeah, it called prides.
Picky: Well, always that the lions are cat family.
Elycia: Now I know we looked at books with animals from Africa.
There, Riley, Elycia, Tiffany, Ari, Yusi, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky and Sune looked at books with pictures from Africa. Suddenly, Leo noticed it.
Riley: What kind of picture is he looking at?
Picky: Some wild lions.
Sune: It's well to notice.
Claite: He may have been caught in Africa and longing for his mother and father there.
Elycia: Do you want to go back to Africa?
Leo nodded.
Riley: Then you should get it. Prepare your hot air balloon, and we'll go tomorrow.
Claite: No hustle, we'll be in the morning.
When it was ready for departure, Kristie came to wave goodbye.
Kristie: Our friends would also have been involved, but I don't know where they went. They're as usual.
Piper: Yes, we do! [giggling] We like traveling a flight in Africa!
Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily had jumped on board the balloon. Over the Mediterranean, a lot of birds hiked with them.
Sune: Schoo, poultry!
Sune was afraid that they would weigh down the balloon in the water. But as soon as she had chased away five, ten new came. It went well anyway, and now Riley pointed out eagerly.
Riley: Look, the pyramids! We fly over Egypt.
Eloise: Yeah, geez, it's been... umm... Like a good hour.
Selah: Egypt is a sandy place in eastern North Africa, on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. How exciting!
Elycia: Sure, is it a woodpecker flying?
They were so preoccupied with looking at the earth's greatest buildings, that they didn't notice how a bird began to hack on the balloon. It was probably some kind of woodpecker who thought it would get insects if it got holes in the balloon. It managed to make holes, and suddenly noticed Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Ari, Yusi, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily that they crashed. They landed softly in the sand at Djoser's step pyramid.
Sune: Very interesting! They land in a soft sand.
Elycia: To overthrow?
Claite: Nah, to see the oldest building.
Piper: Of course it has.
Claite pointed to the pyramid. And the step pyramid is really one of the strangest in the world, where it is located in the middle of the desert. Some kind Arabs came riding on their camels and wondered if they had hurt themselves, but they didn't.
Elycia: Can we borrow a camel that we ride on?
Arab: Sure, you can have it.
Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Ari, Yusi, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily borrowed a camel and rode through the desert where the sun heated.
Riley: Oh, how I'm thirsty. The tongue feels like a dry drawing paper.
Ari: You can be happy, mine feels like a sandpaper.
Varya: We understand that. We are warm-blooded. Duh!
Tasha: Yeah, duh!
Elycia: Aren't you thirsty?
Blicky: If I know, I am. But if I don't know, I'm not. Therefore, I don't feel like.
Tiffany: Oh, if we had water with us.
Claite & Sune: We do.
Stephanie: Where?
Icky: In my bag, of course.
Icky took out a hose as it gushed water out. A few hot hours later, they came to an oasis.
Vivian: We rest here until it gets night and cooler.
Elycia: Vivian's right.
Sune: One of your best ideas.
It was really nice in the palms shadow. Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily fell asleep, and soon they all slept. When Ari and Yusi woke up, they saw that the moon had gone up. But they didn't see the camel.
Ari: It ran away!
Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily woke up and searched. But it didn't help, the camel ran its way while they were sleeping.
Riley: It gets to trot on foot.
Yusi: Nothing else to do.
Lily: We might go to the desert and then to the savannah.
Jake: You know what? You are looking for their parents.
Selah: Good idea. We can search for many, many hours.
Leo nodded. Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily went all night, because then it wasn't that hot.
Blicky: But I don't like going. This is the silliest I know.
The next morning, Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily came to a savannah with tall grass.
Blicky: Here you see almost nothing!
Sune: I think you look very much.
Blicky: What?
Sune: Grass, grassy lot of grass.
Tiffany: How to know that you are moving in the right direction?
Stephanie: We can search the whole savannah.
Petunia: What do you think they were going to say?
Stephanie: Don't know. But here are four trees, I'll climb one of them and look around.
Icky was going to take a compass out of his bag, but it didn't know them.
Lily: So... uh... Did you guys search?
Eloise: Certainly. I remember we collected fruits in the jungle. You'd pick it up these sometime, Lily!
Lily: Sounds good. Still remember how exciting that we picked.
Piper: Great, great. Hey, what do you call a baboon with half a brain?
Varya: [snickers] Beats me, Piper. What?
The baboons listening for the punchline
Piper: Gifted!
Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha and Piper laughed. The baboons smiled at them.
Stephanie: Yeah, that's a pretty good joke for that one.
Stephanie climbed into something she thought was a palm, but it was a giraffe.
Stephanie: Huh?
They were quite surprised, both the giraffe and Stephanie. But it was fortunate that she climbed up, because she saw that they were going back to the desert. The jungle lay in the other direction. Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily came out of the high grass.
Vivian: The parents must be here somewhere. Excuse me?
Riley: Yes?
Vivian: Do you think we can show the way the parents live?
Riley: Well, we go in the jungle and we're looking for.
Tasha: Do you think we can search?
Blicky: Oh! Uh, I'd love to! But I can't get lost, because! It's dangerous! But everyone can find it!
Tiffany: [laughs nervously]
Piper: These guys are short-lived. Don't you think so, Selah?
Selah: Yes, Piper. We know how to look for it.
Piper: It's true, Selah. It's Leo the lion cub. See? According to this, if we return this lion cub to his parents, we'll receive a great reward!
Claite: Sure, Piper. We'll find them. Besides, there many dangers in the jungle.
Suddenly, the ground began to shake.
Claite: Oh, perfect.
Ari: Do you think it's an earthquake?
Picky: Sounds more like the knock of a train.
Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily looked around.
Ari: There!
Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha and Piper quickly hides in a bush. Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake, Lily, Icky, Blicky, Ari, Yusi and Tiffany jumped up into the nearest tree. Leo jumped after, but Riley, Elycia, Claite, Picky and Sune stood.
Picky: Well, certainly, there comes a rhinoceros rushing towards us like an express train.
The rhino rushed towards Riley, Elycia, Claite, Picky and Sune.
Elycia & Sune: Incoming!
The rhinoceros soon slammed head first right into Picky who holds out his hand and thudded loudly onto the ground. The rhinoceros was quite dizzy afterwards and didn't understand how this had happened.
Picky: It might get rid of such nonsense.
Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha and Piper walked out of the bush. Leo, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake, Lily, Icky, Blicky, Ari, Yusi and Tiffany jumped safely down on the ground. Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily went on. Suddenly, they heard a loud trumpet.
Jake: What was that?
Vivian: It's someone who blows the trumpet!
Lily: Over there!
Riley finds a herd of elephants, trumpeting.
Riley: Is there something wrong?
The elephants nodded and pointed to a large pit. It was an elephant trap, and down in it sat a baby elephant and couldn't get up.
Riley: There's nothing to worry about. I'll pull it up.
Riley uses vines to save the baby elephant.
Riley: Here you go.
The baby elephant walks up to the elephant herd, now hugged their trunks.
Elycia: Wow! Impressive rescue, Riley.
Riley: Yes, now we going to search the parents.
Vivian: You shouldn't get lost and become alone, right?
Leo proudly nodded.
Varya: He said yes.
Jake: Wow! Impressive question.
Tasha: I knew we were going to be good.
Claite: Well, everyone, let's go.
Riley, Elycia, Leo, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily went on, they heard a roar.
Tiffany: Do you hear that?
But this time, Leo didn't follow. He was so happy and jumped into the bushes where the roar had been heard.
Elycia: I think we understand.
Riley: Yeah, I thought so.
Riley and Elycia followed Leo.
Riley: Come on, guys, you'll see!
Leo sat there and was licked by his mother and his father. They were happy to have returned their cub, which had been caught and sold to a circus.
Blicky: How do you get a reward? Five hundred? One thousand? Five thousand?
Picky: I think he found them.
Blicky: You're right, Picky. The cub who has been rewarded.
Lily: How are we going to come home now?
Claite: If we just come to the balloon, then I'll probably be able to fix it.
As a thank you for the help, Riley, Elycia, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily were riding the elephants through the jungle.
Blicky: Wow! I've never seen this high up before!
Picky: Look, it goes so high.
Blicky: Good idea.
The elephants brought Riley, Elycia, Tiffany, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily to the Nile, where they rented a boat and sailed north until they almost arrived in Cairo. On a donkey, they then came to the step pyramid. Icky picked up some tools from the bag. And no one knows how he behaved, but after a while the balloon was repaired and they could fly home in it. Kristie welcomed them with food, and it tasted really good after the adventures.
Riley: There will be some food for us. I took myself for the seventh time.
Kristie: It doesn't matter. I make new ones to them.
Riley and Elycia smiled, the episode ends
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