The episode begins when Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen look out over the Glades of Dreams. cut to Stan stood on the rock, his bandit group was fast asleep. Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula, Olympia, Toby, Denko and his friends stood by.
Riley: The Glades of Dreams will never end while we're here. Therzona will never defeat us.
Barbara: We'll never give up!
Toby: We'll fight for what's right.
Denko: Yeah! What you guys said!
Claite [off screen]: Guys!
Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky, Tiancky, Jicky, Blossona and Ostron arrives just in time.
Riley: Claite? What's going on?
Claite: One of the seagulls discovered Therzona's army. Near the mountains.
Riley: Then that's where we're going. Nature friends, with me!
Riley, Elycia, his nature friends and his friends charged against Therzona's army, they attacked and hit and kicked and hacked. Riley's nature friends were now growing up.
Grand Minimus [off screen]: Well done, Riley.
Estelia: Grand Minimus.
Riley: Thanks, your majesty.
Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen, Julia and Flight-Swift approach them.
Teensy Queen: Yes! Riley's nature friends are growing up. And their abilities are more powerful than ever.
Grand Minimus: Yes, it's true.
Julia: What is it?
Grand Minimus: You have proven that you can defend Glades of Dreams. But that hasn't stopped Therzona's army. We need to change its strategy. I say, we take the fight with Therzona into the thorny castle.
Ursula & Olympia: [gasp]
Barbara: No way.
Toby: About time if you ask me.
Grand Minimus: It's time. Time to defeat Therzona and his followers, once and for all.
Riley: Grand Minimus, even if we defeat Therzona's army, we do not know how to defeat Therzona himself.
Grand Minimus: Without his followers, Therzona will be powerless and we can have peace in Glades of Dreams again.
Ursula: Me and my princesses can help, too, Teensy Queen.
Teensy Queen: Thank you, Ursula.
Riley: Well... I guess everyone who's willing to fight.
Barbara: I'll get the birds.
Denko: We'll talk to the dinosaurs.
Claite: We'll get the reptiles and the amphibians.
Elycia: I'll get the mammals.
Sune: And I'll get everyone.
Riley: I know what you're thinking. But if we invade the thorny castle, we need all the help we can get.
Everyone walks back to Riley's house, while Chikira and Rotano
Chikira: Invade the thorny castle? We better tell Therzona.
Chikira and Rotano ran off to tell Therzona. cut to Stan and his bandit gang
George: Stan! Why can't we go back to the thorny castle?
Harry: Yeah, it's nice and warm there.
Stan: Since Therzona wants us to guard this territory, Riley and his friends can't claim it for them.
Joanna: Ugh, Riley... I'm tired of always having to fight them.
Juan: Yeah! They run on our legs all the time!
Joe: It's even worse now that they are bigger.
Daniel: Riley's nature friends have also grown larger.
Harry: And Riley got everyone who helped him.
Sharon: Even the bandits!
Stan: Yeah, yeah. I know. Maybe I was right. We seem happy to work with them. Wonder if we would be too. Why am I so confused? Oh. It all used to be that simple. What changed?
Stan thought, but he had an idea.
Stan: Mmm. Maybe we are on the right side.
George: Right side?
Harry: The right side of what, Stan?
Stan: Oh, you're right, guys.
Stan and his bandit gang heads off to tell Therzona. Gizana and Kugron saw that Stan and his bandit gang were wandered off, they walks to the thorny castle. Then dissolve to the thorny castle
Therzona: What an interesting turn of events. Wouldn't you say so, Okamo?
Okamo: With Riley's friends preparing to attack the thorny castle? And Stan and his bandit gang are thinking about joining Riley? I'm not sure "interesting" is the word I would use...
Therzona: Oh, don't worry, Okamo. I'm always two steps ahead.
Stan, his gang, Zardon and Zarella arrives to Therzona
Therzona: Ah! There you are!
Stan: Uh, yeah. You wanted to see us?
Therzona: Oh, yes. It's time for another attack on Glades of Dreams.
Zardon: Another attack? But the heroes just run our legs this morning. Maybe we can dismiss them a little? Give me and the other guys some time to recover?
Okamo: Everyone plans to attack the thorny castle.
Therzona: They may have learned that Riley is now powerful enough to destroy me.
Stan, his gang, Zardon & Zarella: Riley can destroy you?
Therzona: Oh, yes. But Riley would have to use the most powerful attack he can find. And it must be here, in the castle. The castle would totally consume me. I would cease to exist.
Zarella: Really? Oh...
Therzona: So... It's time for the final battle against Glades of Dreams. Time to say goodbye to everyone in Glades of Dreams! But... I need the villains to distract Riley's friends for the plan to work.
Zardon: Just distract them?
Therzona: You just have to lure them to their house and keep them there while the rest of the plan develops.
Stan: I guess we could do it...
Therzona: Excellent! Chikira will take you to Riley's house tonight. Now, go!
Zardon & Zarella: Uh, okay, Therzona.
Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon and Zarella headed off to find Riley's house
Therzona: In the meantime, Chikira, fetch me Raylina, Kentaro and Minowa. We'll also need their help.
Chikira: Yes, Therzona.
Chikira, Rotano, Gizana and Kugron headed off to find Riley's house
Therzona: If the plan works, we'll soon get rid of everyone in Glades of Dreams and Riley's friends. And the revolt of the potential villains.
Okamo: And if the plan doesn't work?
Therzona: I'm two steps ahead, Okamo. I already have another plan in place. [laughs evilly]
cut to the Glades of Dreams, later that night, were everyone is trained to defeat Therzona's army. Then Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen arrives
Grand Minimus: Mathra has just arrived with the dragon warrior, Seiji. And the robot king, King Charleston.
Elycia: That's everyone.
Teensy Queen: Indeed. Everyone has gathered all other friends.
Riley: Excellent. We want you to lead the attack first tomorrow. The Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen, asks everyone to get some rest. We need them best in the morning.
Grand Minimus & Teensy Queen: Yes, Riley.
Riley: With so many friends here, I'm sure Therzona knows we're coming.
Elycia: Yeah. You're probably right about that. Everyone knows about the plan against Therzona's army. I just wish we knew how to defeat Therzona himself.
Riley: Don't worry, I know my friends will succeed. I wouldn't ask you to do this if I wasn't sure. Don't forget, you'll need to get some rest, too.
Elycia: Okay.

Riley and Elycia headed back to Riley's house

dissolve to Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon, Zarella, Chikira, Rotano, Gizana and Kugron soon spotted Riley's house

Chikira: Riley's house is this way.
Zardon: Remember, we have to keep Riley and his friends distracted by Therzona's plan to work.
Harry saw all the animals were resting
Harry: Ooh... Sure are many animals gathered at Glades of Dreams.
Zardon: No kidding. That's why Therzona is getting us to attack them now.
Chikira: Shhh. We don't want to give ourselves away.
Suddenly, they heard a grass rustling
Joe: What's that?
Stan: Shhh!
Big-Guy, Cool-Guy, Collector-Guy, Grey-Guy and Slim-Guy appears, carrying some traps
Stan: Big-Guy? What are you doing here?
Big-Guy: Retrieve objects for the traps.
Stan: Traps?
Big-Guy: Yeah. Things get really caught up for Riley and his friends. [chuckles]
Chikira: [sigh] It's right there, Big-Guy.
Big-Guy: Oh. Certainly.
Chikira: Come on. We're going around the back.
Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon, Zarella, Chikira, Rotano, Gizana, Kugron, Big-Guy, Cool-Guy, Collector-Guy, Grey-Guy and Slim-Guy leading to Riley's house. cut to Riley, Elycia and King Charleston
Riley: We want us to lead everyone in Glades of Dreams into Thorny Castle tomorrow to fight Therzona.
King Charleston: And this worries you?
Elycia: Yeah, we mean... We still don't know how to beat Therzona. I don't even know if he can beaten.
King Charleston: All evil can be defeated.
Riley: Even when it's a gigantic, powerful demon?
King Charleston: I think you can do anything, Riley. Just keep true to who you are. And remember... You can't fight claws with claws.
Riley & Elycia: Can't fight claws with claws...
cut to Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon, Zarella, Chikira, Rotano, Gizana and Kugron enters Riley's house
Chikira: It's Riley's house.
Daniel: Oh, yes.
Zardon: And we have to keep Riley and his friends distracted by Therzona's plan to work.
Zarella: Which means you have to get their attention.
George: How should we do it?
Stan: Oh, I know how...
Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon and Zarella decided to put the traps together in Riley's house, cut to Toby and Denko wandering that everyone is resting
Toby: Everything seems quiet.
Zardon [off screen]: [laughing evilly]
Toby: Spoke too soon. Zardon and his villains? Oh, we have to tell Riley.
Toby and Denko saw the traps when the villains had set
Toby: Oh, no! Denko, we have a problem!
Denko: If it does not damage these traps, we'll deal with this.
Denko using a marble and throws it, the traps sets on and the marble lands on the floor
Toby: Bingo!
Toby and Denko ran to tell Riley and Elycia
Toby: Riley! Elycia!
Riley & Elycia: What?
Denko: We've just seen the villains. It looks like they're setting the traps. Fortunately, Denko uses a marble and throws it and the traps began, and Stan and his bandit gang's plan failed to set those traps.
Elycia: Of course.
Riley: Now, that's what we're talking about.
cut to the villains
Zardon: Oh, no! But, Therzona told us to go in there... We have double-crossed! We need help. But Glades of Dreams doesn't trust us. And we can't trust Therzona's army... We know who to trust.
Stan, his bandit gang and Zarella agreed and they headed off. Cut to Julia and Flight-Swift were fast asleep, then Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon and Zarella arrived just in time
Julia: Stan! What are you doing here?
Stan: Yeah, I know. I just, uh...
Julia: You what?
Zardon: We've been thinking about something you told us a while ago.
Flight-Swift: And, what's that?
Stan: Aw, you know...
Stan, his Bandit Gang, Zardon & Zarella: The same is a perfect same.
This made Julia and Flight-Swift laugh
Julia: Well! I never thought we would hear you say that.
Zarella: You were right. Therzona doesn't care about us.
Julia: And what made you realize that?
Joanna: Riley and Elycia needs our help.
Flight-Swift: They say about words? There's no time to lose! Let's go!
Julia hopped on Flight-Swift's back and they flew off to find them
Joe: Uh, uh, okay. Uh, whatever you say, Julia!
Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon and Zarella headed off to find Riley and Elycia. Cut to King Charleston, Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen, Riley and Elycia
Teensy Queen: It survived. Your friends have been unharmed before.
Therzona appears
Therzona: [laughing maniacally]
King Charleston: Therzona.
Therzona: [finished laugh] Ah, King Charleston. You've managed to escape my little scheme. Too bad the same can't be said for Riley's friends.
Elycia: What?
Teensy Queen: Oh, no!
Barbara [off screen]: Guess again, Therzona.
They turned to see Riley's friends arrived
Therzona: Ah, Barbara. Time for you to lead everyone out of Glades of Dreams. While you still can.
Riley: We'll never surrender to you, Therzona!
Therzona: [scoffs] You don't have the power to defeat me! But if you ever care to try, you know where to find me. [laughing maniacally]
Therzona vanishing, everyone begin to panic
Colonel Trike: It's like he knows what we're planning.
Seiji: Powerful demon, scary.
Claite: What do we do?
Dongera: Maybe we should stop the attack.
Riley: No! Everyone, listen. Therzona's just trying to scare you.
Dongera: Well, it's working.
Hal: If he can put Riley's house on traps, what chance do we have against him?
Vionet: Riley? We know how to defeat Therzona. Don't we?
Riley: Well... Not exactly.
Stan [off screen]: I think we can help you out there.
Stan, his bandit gang, Zardon, Zarella, Captain Krane, his pirate crew, Julia and Flight-Swift arrived
Riley: Stan?
Elycia: Joanna?
Teensy Queen: Julia, what's going on?
Julia: I know it sounds weird. But I think you should hear what Zardon and Zarella have to say.
King Charleston: Zardon, Zarella, what brings you here?
Zardon: I, uh... I know things that can be helpful.
King Charleston: Helpful how?
Zarella: We know how to defeat Therzona.
King Charleston: And why should we believe you? A sworn enemy from Glades of Dreams.
Julia: Go on, Zardon. Tell King Charleston what you know.
Zardon: Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're right.
King Charleston: No offense, Julia. But it's difficult for me to believe that Zardon and Zarella have changed sides.
Hal: You gave me a chance when no one else in Glades of Dreams would. If Zardon and Zarella's information is useful, we should use it to beat Therzona. If it isn't, we will be happy to have him for a late night snack.
Hal hissed at Juan, causing him to fearful gulp
Riley: Hal is right. If Julia believes in Stan, his bandit group, Zardon and Zarella, I think we should at least hear what they have to say.
Grand Minimus: Riley. Always willing to forgive your enemies. It is a noble trait. And part of what makes you. Very well. Zardon.
Zardon: Okay. Well, Therzona says that only Riley can defeat him. By using the light.
Riley: If the light defeats Therzona, we suppose it can get rid of him too.
Elycia: Yeah.
Zarella: But it must be the most powerful attack you've received.
Toby: Oh, yes! Just hit Therzona with the light.
Zardon: And you have to light into the thorny castle. So Therzona overwhelmed it.
Estelia: The top of the thorny castle?
Ursula: Huh... Getting there won't be easy.
Barbara: Yes.
King Charleston: Even more reason to continue with the plan to attack the enemies.
Riley: Yeah. But now it's not just about defeating Therzona's army. We have a plan to defeat Therzona as well.
Julia: My friends will help too, Riley, right?
Zarella: Yeah. That's right. Stan and his bandit gang will help.
Stan and his Bandit Gang Yeah!
Grand Minimus: Very well. Riley?
Riley: Everyone. Get some rest. Tomorrow we go into the thorny castle.
King Charleston: Therzona and his forces will be defeated, once and for all. And we will have peace in Glades of Dreams.
Everyone in the Glades of Dreams cheering
Sharon: I like the Glades of Dreams team, Stan.
Harry: Me too! Everyone is so happy!
Stan: Yeah. I think we're on the right side now.
Joanna gave Stan a hug
Joanna: You sure are.
Stan: You know, I think I could get used to it.

Everyone in the Glades of Dreams get some rest.

dissolve to the thorny castle

Therzona: So predictable. The villains have joined Glades of Dreams.
Okamo: And... are you okay with that?
Therzona looked confused
Okamo: I mean, of course you're okay with that.
Therzona: Riley may have the power to defeat me. But not as I said to Zardon and Zarella. If Riley uses his most power light here in the castle, it won't destroy me. Instead, he will cause such a huge outbreak, it will destroy Riley. And turn Glades of Dreams into a wasteland.
Okamo: Yes! And then we monsters can take over everything!
Therzona looked at Okamo
Okamo: Under your rule, of course.
Therzona: Oh, yes, Okamo. You can have what's left... And I need you for the next part of my plan. So you see, Okamo. When the time comes, I will need your help.
Okamo: What's the plan?
Therzona: We have to be sure that Riley can no longer control the brainwashing.
fade to the Glades of Dreams the next morning, 
Grand Minimus: The time has come.
Riley, Elycia and everyone in the Glades of Dreams (even Stan and his bandit gang, Zardon, Zarella and Captain Krane and his Pirate Crew) was ready to fight Therzona's army
Riley: Don't give up, everyone.
Elycia: It's time to defeat Therzona.
Barbara: The place was not come to ends...
Olympia: With all your friends.
Everyone agreed and ready
Riley: We're ready to fight!
Riley, Elycia and everyone in the Glades of Dreams charging towards Therzona's Enemies
Minowa: Here they come.
Kentaro: And it looks like Zardon and Zarella have turned against us.
Raylina: Everything is just like Therzona said.
Kentaro: They're smart. And that's why we'll win.
Minowa: I hope you're right. There are really many of them.
Kentaro: So? We can take them. Therzona said so. Dragons, with me!
Torrio: You got it, Kentaro! [laughs]
Kentaro and his pack of dragons flying into battle
Raylina: Gargoyles! You know what to do.
Raylina and her pack of gargoyles flying into battle
Minowa: Oh. Time to assemble the flock.
Minowa flew off to find his flock of gryphons. Then cut to Riley, Elycia and everyone in the Glades of Dreams
Riley: Everyone knows the plan. Keep the enemies away from us so that we can get to the top of the castle.
Colonel Trike: That's what we should do.
Joanna: You got it, Riley.
Stan: Yes.
Estelia: Do we have to say "speed of claws"?
Dongera: [sighs] You just did.
Toby: And here come the bad guys.
Everyone in the Glades of Dreams attacks Therzona's army
Seiji: Kentaro!
Kentaro: Bring it, Seiji!
Seiji fights Kentaro with his powerful strength
The animals attacks Therzona's army, but Torrio was face-to-face with Mathra. She let out intimidate screech, which scares Torrio
Torrio: [screaming] A beast!
Riley's nature friends fought off Therzona's army
Molly: You're all clear, Riley!
Riley: Good. Everyone, with me.
Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula and Olympia headed off to the thorny castle
Chikira: Therzona, everyone in the Glades of Dreams wins. Riley goes this way.
Therzona: Then it's up to you and your gremlins to stop them, Chikira!
Chikira: Yes, Therzona. Of course. Gremlins, with me.
Chikira and her gremlins ran off to stop Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula and Olympia.
Okamo: Do you really think they will be able to stop them?
Therzona: [scoffs] Of course not. But Riley has to think he doesn't want them to come here.
Okamo: Yes.
Therzona: Now, Okamo. Get in position. You know what to do when he arrives.
Okamo: Yes. Yes, I do.
Okamo hides a rock to make sure Riley was come. Chikira and her gremlins charges towards them. But Riley pushes Chikira and her gremlins, sending them knocked on the ground unconscious. Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula and Olympia soon enters the thorny castle, and make their way to Therzona.
Therzona: Riley. Welcome.
Ursula: He knows why we're here, right?
Therzona: I know why you think you're here. But, the destiny can be full of surprises. Okamo, now!
Okamo charges at Riley, the mothman kicks him to the ground.
Elycia, Barbara, Ursula and Olympia: [gasps]
Estelia: Oh, no!
Barbara: Okamo!
Barbara tackles Okamo, then she pins the mothman to the ground. Riley slowly got up.
Therzona: [laughing maniacally] Give up, Riley. Now you are defenseless.
Riley: I'll never give up! I'm not defenseless!
Barbara: Oh! Use the power, Riley. Blast that guy back to where he came from.
Therzona: You don't have the power to destroy me, Riley.
Ursula: Don't listen to him!
Olympia: We believe in you.
Riley began to heal up himself.
Okamo: Have a difficult time thinking? My feet have a tendency to do so.
But Barbara slapped at Okamo. Okamo grunted in pain as he turned away.
Barbara: Use the power, Riley! He's asking for it!
Therzona: You're a loser, Riley. Accept your destiny! There's no other choice! [laughing evilly]
But King Charleston's voice rings in Riley's mind
King Charleston [voice]: Keep true to who you are. Don't fight claws with claws.
Riley: Of course.
Riley bravely approached Therzona
Riley: I have another choice, Therzona. Something I'm only the leader can do to another.
Therzona: [laughs] And? What's that?
Riley took a deep breath
Riley: I forgive you.
Therzona: You... You what?!
Riley: But I can't judge you for everything you've done. My friends need to do that.
Therzona shocked, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula and Olympia uses their swords, then four lights appears and they blasts Therzona.
Therzona: No! NO!!
Okamo: What? Therzona's plan failed?
Therzona: These lights are too strong! Impossible! Curse you, Riley!
Therzona fades away and never to be seen again.
Okamo: Stop! You can't destroy him!
Okamo attacking Riley again
Barbara: Oh, no, you don't!
Barbara tackles Okamo into the lava.
Okamo: [screaming]
Okamo falls into the lava and burns to death, ending the mothman's life once and for all.
Estelia: Way to go, Barbara!
Elycia: Way to go, Riley.
Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula and Olympia looked down at the lava, it then hardens into igenous rock, finally ending Therzona's threat to the Glades of Dreams once and for all.
Olympia: Wow.
Riley: Therzona is finally gone. We've won.
Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula and Olympia emerge from their mission and everyone in the Glades of Dreams were overjoyed.
Sune: There they are!
Vionet: They're okay!
Riley: Everyone! Therzona has been defeated! The battle for Glades of Dreams is over.
Everyone in the Glades of Dreams cheering
Juan: But if Therzona is gone, who's in charge for the bandits' fortress now?
Harry: Ooh! Good question.
Raylina: Yeah! What about us?
Stan: If you ask me, there is only one thing that can keep the peace between Glades of Dreams and the bandits' fortress.
Kentaro: And, who's that? You?
Stan: Nope, I'm not that stupid. From now on, we should be in charge of the bandits' fortress.
Sharon: Us?
Riley: Makes sense to us.
Joanna: We know that we can all come together here in the bandits fortress. Only as long as we respect the kingdom of life.
Stan: And if you don't, you'll have to answer to my group, which includes us.
Raylina: Don't worry about us. If Stan keeps you in line, gargoyles can actually be lively.
Raylina and her pack of gargoyles return home
Minowa: Actually, we gryphons would prefer a termination choice. The top seven candidates would be limited to three. And the eventual winner who requires a majority of no less than 72%...
Joanna & Harry: [clearing their throats]
Minowa: Or we follow the kingdom of life, as you say. The victory belongs to the prey!
Minowa and his pack of gryphons flew off and return home
Kentaro: No matter who's in charge. My dragons can fight for ourselves. That's the dragon's way.
Kentaro and his pack of dragons return home
Ursula: There they go.
Estelia: Thanks, everyone.
Everyone in the Glades of Dreams thanked and return home
Sharon: Go ahead, Riley. We'll make sure the rest of them come home safe.
Riley: Thanks, Sharon. For everything.
Sharon: Thank you, Riley.

Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Estelia, Ursula and Olympia headed back to Riley's house.

dissolve to Riley's house at night, Riley was looking at the stars. Elycia came in.

Elycia: Are you looking at stars, Riley?
Riley: Yeah. My princesses use their light and defeat Therzona with the help of swords. We're proud of us.
Elycia: With the light? Ooh. It sounds good.
Riley: I said I can't judge Therzona for everything you've done and the princesses need to do it.
Elycia: Mmm. Perfect.
Riley: Barbara fights Okamo into the lava to his death, I certainly we foil Therzona's plans.
Elycia: It sounds like you do too. You did it, don't you?
Riley: Yeah, I do.
Elycia: Maybe we can go to the winner's ceremony tomorrow.
Riley: Yeah.
Elycia: I think Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen would understand.
Riley: Maybe.
dissolve to the winner's ceremony, everyone gathered to witness Riley and Elycia's winner's ceremony
Riley: I'm glad that my abilities have evolved. This time we accepted.
Elycia: I look forward to completing missions with us.
Riley: We completed together.
Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen gave Riley and Elycia their gold medals
Teensy Queen: [giggling]
Grand Minimus: Everyone, friends from near and far, it is my honor to present... Riley and Elycia!
Everyone cheered for Riley and Elycia
Barbara: Yay, Riley!
Denko nodded and Toby clapped his hands together
King Flyer: [laughing]
Captain Krane and his Pirate Crew clapped their hands together in delightful. Stan and his gang of bandits smiled at Zardon and Zarella, they both smiled too
Stephanie: Yeah! Whoo!
Lily: Unbelievable! Yeah!
Vivian: Hooray!
Petunia: Yay!
Jake: Awesome!
Ostron: You know, Riley, he's as proud as a hero.
Air-Swift: Yes, I taught him everything he knows.
Brutus and Phil smiled
Riley: We'll make a good team.
Elycia: We already do.
Riley and Elycia kissed together. The episode ends.
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