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! scope="col"|
|Episode beings at day Riley would pick up power juice from Kristie. He makes it the most powerful. But he, Elycia, Toby, Denko, Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen don't have to go all the way because she has sent some cans with Belle and Sophie.
|Episode begins at day Riley would pick up power juice from Kristie. He makes it the most powerful. But he, Elycia, Toby, Denko, Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen don't have to go all the way because she has sent some cans with Belle and Sophie.
! scope="col"|Riley:
! scope="col"|Riley:

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Episode begins at day Riley would pick up power juice from Kristie. He makes it the most powerful. But he, Elycia, Toby, Denko, Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen don't have to go all the way because she has sent some cans with Belle and Sophie.
Riley: Now we go to my house and drink juice and eat cookies.
Belle & Sophie: Sure.
Belle and Sophie think that sounds good, and Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen think it sounds better than good.
Toby: You know, Denko, I think it sounds good.
Denko: That's right, Toby, we come to Riley's house and we eat insects and fish.
Suddenly, the ground began to shake.
Elycia: It might be an earthquake!
Grand Minimus: It's the volcano that is about to erupt. It hasn't had in a hundred years.
Teensy Queen: So I see, dear. What do you think?
Riley: The volcano resembling a mountain.
Then Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad and Joseph come running.
Molly: Riley! Elycia!
Riley: What? What is it?
Molly: There are lots of rocks crashing down in front of the road.
Conrad: Don't worry, Molly, I'll take the rocks away so we can get out.
Molly: Oh, thanks.
Elycia: But what does Teensy Queen do?
While the elephants, the hippos, the cheetahs, the gazelles, the antelopes, the lions, the zebras, the crocodiles, the rhinos, the wildebeests, the giraffes, the hamerkops, the storks, the chimpanzees, the spider monkeys, the coatis, the macaws, the hoatzins, the hummingbirds, the toucans, the marmosets, the tamarins, the tortoises and the finches comes towards them and everyone saw Teensy Queen examine the ground.
Teensy Queen: I find out when the volcano is going to have an eruption. In just five minutes it starts.
Elycia: We can't get them out so quickly.
Kyle: It takes at least five minutes to run there.
Riley: I'll stop the volcanic eruption so we can come.
Jerry shook his head
Jerry: Not even you can stop a volcano!
Riley: You can always try, with a can of juice I am strongest. And what if I take three cans!
Riley drinks his power juice, and increases his strength.
Riley: Now we must hurry!
The animals agreed, and Elycia, Toby, Denko, Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen, Belle, Sophie, Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad and Joseph also agreed. Everyone runs as fast as they can, but they stopped.
Elycia: Oops! The bridge crashes at the earthquake! How should we move on now?
Riley: It's urgent. The cloud of smoke billows faster and faster from the volcano.
The monkeys produce a rope.
Grand Minimus: You see? It doesn't help to rush. In my idea, we've almost everything.
Riley makes a lasso off the rope.
Riley: Watch this!
Riley tosses the ring of rope, and ties the half bridge. He helps Elycia, the chimpanzees, the spider monkeys, the marmosets and the tamarins come over. Riley's friends finds the shortcut and get over. Everyone stopped, they saw a boulder.
Conrad: I'll put this boulder in the crater and hold on.
Riley: Conrad's right.
Elycia: Then you have to hurry. It began to flying magma rocks out of the volcano.
Riley and Conrad picked up the boulder, they both ran towards the volcano, then closed it. Riley and Conrad tried to push hard on the volcano.
Riley: Hurry! Not even we can resist a volcano for any length of time!
It started to come out of fire and glowing lava from the volcano, all the animals watched helplessly.
Riley: We can't do it. We're burning up.
Conrad: Keep pushing, Riley!
Toby, Denko, Belle, Sophie and the elephants passed by and noticed Riley and Conrad.
Belle: Sounds like Riley and Conrad.
Sophie: They may be trying to stop the volcano.
Toby, Denko, Belle, Sophie and the elephants began to cross over to them.
Riley: Someone's coming!
Conrad: Yeah.
Toby, Denko, Belle, Sophie and the elephants looked at Riley and Conrad.
Riley: You're here!
Conrad: Quick! Extinguish the lava!
Belle: Why? They push harder.
Conrad: Harder? We try to stop it!
Belle: Well, if you insist.
The elephants filling up the water with their trunks.
Sophie: I hope they could do it.
The elephants sprayed the water and extinguished the fire and lava.
Riley: Beautiful! It cools. Now we have another chance.
Soon everyone is safe from the volcano.
Riley: We did it, Conrad.
Conrad: Yes, Riley. We did.
Riley lets go and it is free for the volcanic eruption. When Riley released, he and the big stone were thrown into the air, leaving Conrad behind him. Toby and Denko looked frantically.
Toby: He saved the others, but is killed himself!
Denko: Quick, do something!
Conrad: Take it easy, guys. This has something for everything.
The eagles flew off to save Riley. It was at the last second that the eagles got Riley on the claws.
Riley: Thanks.
Riley landed on the ground in safety, and then ate all the food in good order until they made a horrible discovery. All the animals hide quickly, and Elycia, Toby, Denko, Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen, Belle, Sophie, Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad and Joseph also hide.
Riley: What's the matter with you?
Everyone popped up behind their hiding places, pointing to the volcano.
Elycia, Toby, Denko, Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen, Belle, Sophie, Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad & Joseph: Look at the volcano!
Riley is also terrified of a dragon coming out of the volcano. It was the one who sat there and breathes fire.
Riley: This giant trampling the trees if I don't stop it.
Does the power juice still work? He tests the forces on a rock. But it was no use.
Riley: I have put an end to the forces. I need new juice.
Riley runs back to Toby and Denko.
Riley: Get new juice right away, so I can stop the dragon.
But Toby and Denko are stiff with fear. Then they see the dragon coming. They both get so scared they can't be still. Toby and Denko rush to Kristie's castle, and Kristie gets a new juice for Toby and Denko.
Kristie: Here you are. Hurry back.
Toby and Denko are in such a hurry that they don't see the rock lying in the road. Toby and Denko tripped and fell to the ground, he dropped the can and the splash in the water.
Toby: Shucks! It drops into the water.
Denko: [sighs]
Luckily the crocodiles throw the can on the ground. Toby and Denko looked at the can and looked happy.
Toby: Thanks for finding!
The crocodiles agreed and swam back. Toby and Denko ran off to find Riley. Riley saw the dragon as he wondered if Toby and Denko wouldn't come soon. Until Riley saw Toby and Denko bring the juice. But they both stop.
Riley: Come here with the juice.
The dragon uses its tail and captures Riley. Riley suddenly was a trapped! The dragon comes to a lake, then it drinks.
Toby: Hope Riley gets hold of that one.
Toby tosses the juice to Riley, but the can slip into his hands not easy to grasp.
Riley: That was the worst miss of my life.
Kristie has seen everything from the castle.
Kristie: I have to help him.
Kristie goes and roasts the meatballs. Kristie puts the meatballs in a basket and walks away. The dragon feels the smell of the meatballs. It tramples to Kristie and eats out of the basket, like a nice doggie. Then the dragon releases Riley with its tail. Soon they can walk home. The dragon became so fond of the meatballs that it came along. At Kristie's castle, it is waiting for meatballs. It waits all day, and all night until it becomes day again. When it does not get meatballs it bellows and breathes fire.
Kristie: Best I give him meatballs. I can't cope with the bellow.
But the dragon is big and the meatballs are small. The dragon just wants more and more.
Kristie: I can't bear to fry meatballs. But I can't bear to hear the bellow. What should I do?
Petunia: So tell us Riley would do now.
Kyle and Jerry looked around
Riley: I'm going to drink a can of juice and carry him away.
Riley drinks the power juice, then he picks the dragon and carries back to the volcano. But he thinks of Kristie's meatballs. And when Kristie brings out the binoculars to see how things are going. The dragon trudge back after Riley. Soon the dragon stands at her castle, bellowing for meatballs.
Elycia: We go and ask Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen. They may know some way to get rid of this.
Riley and Elycia went to Grand Minimus' Castle. He knocks on the door, but no one answer.
Riley: They're certainly not at home.
Riley looked into the keyhole. He opened, walked in and Elycia, too.
Riley: Kindly let go that we're welcome, but Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen are who they are.
Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen are resting themselves. When they do, a hundred guns can't wake them. While Riley and Elycia wait for them to wake, they look at their art. Elycia saw a stork, hanging on its one leg.
Elycia: [laughs] What a funny-looking stork!
But the stork grabbed Elycia with its beak, flying towards the window. Riley saw her.
Riley: Elycia?
The stork releases Elycia with its beak, she grabbed onto a tree branch.
Riley: I have to help her.
Riley handed a rope and rescues Elycia.
Elycia: Thank you, Riley.
Riley: You're welcome, drink some juice and calm yourself down. It has written "parva cimex juice", so it is probably made from three kinds of berries.
Elycia: That juice diminished us. We should give it to the dragon.
Riley handed the juice. He and Elycia go to Kristie's castle. Krisite is tired when she feeds the dragon that never gets measured when they come with the parva cimex juice. Riley gave Kristie the juice, she throws the juice on the dragon's mouth. The dragon shrank - it's a little like a lizard.
Kristie: [sighs] But it's not funny that it's gotten small.
Riley: Ah, they sure have some juice to make.

Riley and Elycia say goodbye to Kristie and walked away. Kristie goes after all the meatball roasting. But then a whining outside is heard. It's the dragon. It is small, but equally fond of meatballs. But now it is enough with a single one for it to be measured. Soon everyone is asleep.

Riley and Elycia go to Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen's castle, but they get lost in the woods. Then they'll see a mammoth.

Riley: Do you know where Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen live?
Mammoth: Certainly. I'm going that way. Jump in and you can come along.
Riley and Elycia jump onto the mammoth's back.
Riley: When are you leaving?
Mammoth: I've just started walking, but it takes a while to get up to speed.
They sleep for dinner when they wake up after hours.
Riley: With this speed we will never arrive.
Mammoth: Oh, it's not far. We are probably in six months.
Riley and Elycia continues to walk in the forest.
Riley: We can't wait for six months.
Therefore, Riley and Elycia say goodbye to the mammoth to find the way themselves. They ended up in a ravine filled with bones.
Elycia: This can't be right.
The hyenas arrive.
Riley: If I had power juice, we would get away.
The hyenas comes towards Riley and Elycia.
Hyena #1: Well, look at this. We didn't expect guests today. Would you two people... want to stay for dinner?
Hyena #2: Yeah, stay for dinner. Because you look like a midnight snack!
Hyena #1: Can you give me some space?
Hyena #2: I'm helping.
Hyena #1: We have talked about this before. I come in alone. I'm the lead distraction so everyone can circle.
Hyena #2: Okay, okay. Sorry.
Hyena #1: Don't be sorry. Just do it.
Hyena Leader [off-screen]: Now it's a meal I've been waiting for my entire life.
Riley and Elycia looked around and saw a hyena leader, he comes towards them.
Hyena Leader: What an unexpected treat, to eat the juicy people.
Hyena #1: Wait a minute, juicy people? As with you-know-who?
Hyena #2: Who rules you-know-where?
Hyena Leader: It doesn't rule me!
Riley and Elycia was surrounded by the hyenas.
Riley: You can't do anything to us! Because we're here!
Hyena Leader: [chuckles] He tells me what to do. The power that flickers inside. I wonder... how all that bravery will taste.
Toby and Denko going for a walk, suddenly they both saw Riley and Elycia and ran off and came right in front of the hyenas.
Toby: Let them go! They made a mistake, a terrible mistake! But if you do this you will start a war!
Hyena Leader: Hyenas have been at war since the beginning of time. But the bloodline... ends here!
Outsmarted and frightened, Toby and Denko ran off, the hyenas close behind.
Elycia: Ah! We don't want to eat!
Riley looks up.
Riley: Who wants it?
Hyena #2: [laughs] Did you hear that? He said that who wants it!
Hyena #1: [chuckles] Oh, don't hurt me! Do it again! [laughs]
Then Riley caught sight of a lion named Zane, who was looking for them. Until he looks down to Riley and Elycia. He raced off and let out a mighty roar, scaring the hyenas.
Hyena #1: [laughs] See you.
The hyenas then ran for their lives.
Riley: Get Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen before the hyenas return.
Zane: Yes, Riley. Of course. I'll look for them.
Zane raced off to find Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen's castle. But they're still resting.
Zane: I have to wake them up.

It doesn't help. Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen are resting.

dissolve to the ravine, The hyenas begin to peek forward again.

dissolve to Zane, thinking hard.

Zane: What should I do?
Then Zane gets an idea.
Zane: Best to race off to Kristie's castle.

Zane raced off to Kristie's castle.

dissolve to Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad, Joseph, Belle and Sophie were eating food. Then Zane arrives.

Zane: Riley needs help. He is surrounded by hyenas.
Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad, Joseph, Belle & Sophie: Hyenas?
Zane: Yes, it will eat them up!
Petunia: Zane is right, we have to go into the ravine before it's too late!

Zane, Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad, Joseph, Belle and Sophie ran off to find Riley and Elycia.

dissolve to the ravine.

Hyena #1: Zane certainly won't be back.
Hyena #2: Yeah. That you wanted to devour them?
Hyena Leader: That's true you ever said. We'll eat them.
The hyenas comes closer to Riley and Elycia. Finally, Zane, Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad, Joseph, Belle and Sophie saw Riley and Elycia. Zane raced off again and let out even more mighty roar, scaring them, then the hyenas ran for their lives again. Riley, Elycia, Toby, Denko, Zane, Petunia, Jerry, Kyle, Molly, Conrad, Joseph, Belle and Sophie walks off to find Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen's castle.
Hyena Leader: It happens very strange.
Hyena #1: Yeah.
Hyena #2: He told you.
dissolve to Grand Minimus and Teensy Queen's castle.
Grand Minimus: So, Zane, what do we do?
Zane: Fortunately, I roared so powerful and frighten the hyenas.
Teensy Queen: Yes. Of course.
Riley: Oh! I think he's braver than you think.
Grand Minimus: I see.
Elycia: Very brave.
Zane: Yes, Elycia! I've seen many things.

Zane lifted his paw out and pulled Riley and Elycia towards him, giving them a hug.

Episode ends

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