Episode begins where Riley and Elycia was talking with Dongera and Stego
Dongera: You know it seems to have an excellent ability to rise, and we become strong as steel.
Riley: Yeah. We know how you're doing.
Elycia: Honestly, you guys are impressive spectacle.
Stego: Well, yes, King Flyer collected fruit in the forest itself.
Elycia hears someone's a scat song, it was King Flyer. He collecting fruits in the forest
Elycia: Hey, King Flyer, what do you collect from?
King Flyer: Well, I collect the fruits in the forest if I say so myself.
Elycia: Yeah, that's true.
Riley: That's right, do you have anyone else who has come?
Claite [off screen]: That's why we're here.
Riley, Elycia, Dongera, Stego and King Flyer looks around and saw Hal, Julia, Flight-Swift, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky and Tiancky arrives.
Icky: Oh, we came as soon as we got to the mansion!
Picky was doing a strong pose
Picky: The basics are our specialty!
Sune: No one is strongest like Picky!
Blicky: Anyway, Riley, I know they would ask for help in the first place.
Riley: I think so... But we know to come into the house and investigate it.
Aurora: Sure it is. They may be able to help you.
Hal moved his tail behind Elycia's shoulders
Hal: True. But I've heard that the house over there.
Elycia: Yes, we have just guided this. Brilliant.
Hal: I'm sure it is. And we couldn't get lost and alone in the forest.
Elycia: Oh, sure.
cut to the forest nearby, Stan and his bandit gang was scheming
Harry: Stan! I'm exhaused than ever!
Joe: Yeah. I'd explore almost anything!
Stan: No one's exhausted, guys, that's exactly what they're going to do.
Joanna: Are you listening to Stan's plans?
Stan: Sure I'm sure. That should get Riley's attention.
Joe: Yeah. We think everyone should be here every second.
Stan: Let's go. I may need you to help.
Joe: Yeah, all right.
George: I knew you should be proud of yourself, Stan.
Stan: Splendid, George.
Juan: Ah, yes, we should try to peek.
cut to Riley, Elycia, Dongera, Stego, King Flyer, Hal, Julia, Flight-Swift, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky and Tiancky
Tiancky: So then you must have been the one who came this way.
Riley: Oh, I appreciate that we should help.
Julia: You think so?
Riley: You tell anyone that came to help.
Julia: That's right. Trike! We need your help!
Suddenly, everyone heard a loud roar sound coming from the forest. There was also a rumbling sound. It wasn't an earthquake, but it was moving to a rhythm. In the forest, a herd of Triceratops came marching through the forest, approaching them.
Dongera: Oh, these are the three-horned giants!
These triceratops were actually being lead by Colonel Trike, his wife, Vionet, and his son, Trike Jr.
Stego: Hey, Trike! Sir! Stop!
Trike and his herd stopped their march
Claite: Colonel Trike, it's time for you and your troops to show the way.
Stego: That's what he said.
Colonel Trike: My sincere apology, Claite, apparently got away with our march.
Aurora: Okay, maybe we go to the house a little bit.
Chicky: Better come than never alone.
Colonel Trike: Alright, men, remember what Claite said, it's time to show the way.
The triceratops herd nodded their heads yes
Triceratops #1: Sure.
Triceratops #2: Yes.
Triceratops #3: Yup.
Triceratops #4: Great idea.
Vionet: Certainly. Over there, of course.
Sune: Oh, of course.
Riley: But when we heard Revolta and Grim Creeper was going to kidnap the girls. So what happened?
Claite: The girls and us are completely brainwashed, finally we turned back to normal. We attacks the Spider Bats, and it throw the wand into the cauldron, then it explodes. With the lights blasted Revolta, she vanished. I punched the alien monster, and he fell into his demise. Everyone managed to escape. After Revolta and Grim Creeper was gone, we're safe back to the school. That's so many years ago.
Riley: Oh, perfect story.
Julia: So you think that we headed to the house.
A purple bat had been watching everyone the whole time, and goes back into the house.
Elycia: You know, Riley, you're really telling Claite a story.
Claite: Well, exactly.
Toby and Denko rushes up to them
Denko: Guys!
Riley: Toby? Denko?
Toby: As we looked at the sky, I saw a bat flying. Purple fur, green eyes, blue eyeshadow.
Riley: So that's the daughters of monsters.
Toby: Yeah, come on, guys. We went to the mansion.
Denko: You're right, Toby.
Everyone headed to the haunted house
Elycia: Looks like we've found it. Primrose's abandoned house.
Dongera: It may sound... most brave than usual... but this place gives me fears.
Stego: Well, it's almost creepy. Hey, don't tell me you're scared of a female bat.
Toby: Scared me? Uh-uh. But this bat makes me a little familiar.
Riley knocks on the door
Riley: Hello? Is anyone there? Hmm... There's no one answer. They know that can help something.
Toby jumps up on Denko's head
Toby: Don't worry, I'll fix it.
Denko, with Toby riding on top, goes charging into the door
Toby & Denko: Charge!
But the door ends up opening on their own as Toby and Denko screeched to a stop
Claite: Bingo!
Dicky: Wow, Denko! You opened the door already?
Denko: We certainly do.
Riley, Elycia, Dongera, Stego, King Flyer, Hal, Julia, Flight-Swift, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky, Tiancky, Colonel Trike, Vionet, Trike Jr. and his herd headed inside.
Riley: Whoa.
Julia: It's pretty spooky in here.
Blicky: There are cobwebs everywhere. I mean, why are we here?
Claite: Yeah, you think it was so easy to check.
The door shuts
Picky: What the-?!
Denko: Uh-oh.
Count Dracula [off screen]: If it isn't Riley.
Riley: It's Count Dracula!
Count Dracula [off screen]: Yes, but you are so smart that it helps.
Everyone heard a screeching sound, there was three bats flying towards them, turned out to be vampires
Toby: It's you!
Count Dracula: Yes, you're here.
Countess Malaria: We have visitors.
Dongera: It's Count Dracula's daughter, Sibella.
Sibella: Is it me? My, such a gentleman.
Toby: I saw it in the sky.
Sibella: I'm sure I'll fly first. Anyways, fang-tastic to meet you, Dongera.
Dongera: Well, yeah.
Blicky hears a howling sound, he become nervous
Blicky: Do you hear anything?
Dongera: It sounded like a werewolf, Blicky!
They pops up out of nowhere
William Werewolf: Didn't I know we were here?
Stego: I... I knew you were there. It's Werewolf's daughter, Winnie.
Winnie Werewolf: Yep, I'm a werewolf, all right. You guys are so clever! I can howl, I know I will. [howls]
Claite & Sune: Cool.
Wilma Werewolf: Yeah, she's a good howl.
Suddenly, King Flyer, Blicky and Icky was face-to-face with three Frankenstein's monsters
Icky: [stammering] It's you.
George Frankenstein: Yes, we're here to help.
Helda Frankenstein: That's my daughter, Elsa Frankenteen.
Elsa Frankenteen: Yeah, you guessed it. Of course you understand what we Frankenstein's monsters are all about.
King Flyer: Uh, thanks.
Claite, Chicky and Hal looked around, they saw three phantoms floating towards them
Chicky: Oh, it's you!
Theo Phantom: Yeah, we're here. Well, now that can be done, Chicky.
Francisen Phantom: That's what you said, honey.
Hal: I could see you because you're phantom's daughter, Phantasma.
Phantasma: [laughs] I guessed he knew my name! Sometimes I played the organ that I taught myself.
Hal: Pleased to meet you.
Stego, Dongera, Riley, Toby, Denko and Elycia looked around and saw three sarcophaguses
Dongera: These three are so ancient.
Toby: Hope it opens this one.
Suddenly, the three sarcophaguses started open, and the three mummies walks towards them
Tuck Mummy: But look there, the newcomers. [chuckles]
Stego: Uh... allowed to speak?
Maddiah Mummy: Well, what's your name, sweetie?
Stego: Yeah... My name's Stego and this is Dongera.
Dongera: You know us.
Maddiah Mummy: Yes, I know you because I have known my daughter, Tanis, she's pretty cute.
Tanis: [giggles]
Stego: It's nice to see you, Tanis.
Tanis: Yeah, it's nice to see you too.
Tuck Mummy: I've known her, Elycia. But it's good to see you.
Elycia: No problem.
Everyone came up to Riley, Elycia, Stego, Dongera, Toby, Denko and the others
Riley: We apologize for the monsters scaring everyone.
Monsters: Yes, we apologize.
Elycia: We explain that we did it just for fun.
Toby: If you're going to be hungry us, and actually eat like us.
Stego: Glad we're hungry like us.
cut to the fine dining room, everyone eat the fancy food
Toby: I'll tell you, guys, this is the life.
cut to the bandits were headed outside the house
Stan: Okay, here's your chance. You can check out Riley on this one.
Valta: Brilliant idea, Stan.
Valta flew off and find Riley
Riley: It's Valta! He's headed towards the house.
Stego: I'll hold him off.
Stego uses his tail
Valta: Here it comes to... Wait a second.
Stego whips Valta away with his tail, and send tumbling towards Stan and his bandit gang
Stan: Ouch!
Joanna: That hurts...
Valta: Uh... I saw that.
Everyone cheered
Sibella: My, Stego, you did really well to hit one of them off.
Stego: Yeah, that's right.
Elycia: Alright, guys, let's scare these guys.
Phantasma: Sure, no problem.
Elsa Frankenteen: That's what she said.
Stan and his bandit gang enter the house
Stan: Oh! It feels a little creepy in here.
Valta: Yeah.
The door shuts behind them on their own, and startle Stan and his bandit gang
Stan: It's pretty dark! Where are we? Where did they go?
Joanna: Do they have ghouls in there?
Juan: I think we're scared...
George: Me too...
Stan and his Bandit Gang: Huh?!
Stan and his bandit gang heard a screeching sound, there was three bats flying towards them, turned out to be vampires
Count Dracula: So you're scared, would you?
Countess Malaria: From now on we shall bite my fangs and transform you.
Stan and Joanna were terrified at the three vampires
Sibella: So that we'll scare all of you.
The vampires laughed creepily and turns into bats and flew off as Stan and his bandit gang shake in fear.
Stan: We saw three vampires in the house! I'm so scared!
Phantasma: Did you see that? Stan and his bandit gang are getting scared. [laughs]
Tanis: Sure, Phanty, these guys are bunch of scaredy cats.
Sune: Well, those guys saw what happened.
Claite uses the Spider Bats to screech Stan and his bandit gang, making them scream really loud in fear. They run up the stairs and down the hallway before the three werewolves and the three Frankenstein's monsters blocks their way to send Stan and his bandit gang backwards to the ground. They crawl the rest of the way down the hall, to a tortured room. The three phantoms appears and let out some creepy laugh, and Stan and his bandit gang scream even louder while running further down the hall.
Phantasma: [laughs]
Theo Phantom: We scared them!
Francisen Phantom: You're absolutely right, honey.
Stan and his bandit gang goes further down the hallway
Stan: Oh, suppose we got lost, but we don't know where to go.
Harry: I'm not sure how I go in this time.
Joanna: Oh, Harry, hush. The room was in Egypt.
As Stan and his bandit gang turned to see, the three mummies comes closer and closer to them. Stan and his bandit gang were suddenly frightened.
Stan and his Bandit Gang: Mummies!
Stan and his bandit gang runs away. Tuck, Maddiah and Tanis laugh about it. After Stan and his bandit gang entering through different doors to the same room, they run up some more stairs.
Toby: Now, Denko, pull the rope!
Denko: You got it!
Denko pulls on a rope that turns some wheels and flatten the stairwell which causes Stan and his bandit gang to slip and fall down the stairs. They hit a revolving door and keep going in and out of it while getting dizzy.
Stan: Oh, I'm totally dizzy.
dissolve to Stan and his bandit gang crawls through the crawl space
Stan: Maybe we can find the exit.
Joanna: Sure we should, Stan.
Stan and his bandit gang exits through a small metal door. Stan and his bandit gang looks at the reflection in the mirror
Stan: Hey, what's that? Well, we thought it wasn't us.
But the reflection does follow what Stan and his bandit gang does which scares them
Stan: Huh?! It moved us!
Joanna: What are you freaks doing in here?
The reflection pulls down their eyelid at Stan and his bandit gang and they runs away.
Hal: [giggling, hissing]
Riley, Elycia, Julia, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky and Tiancky came out of their hiding places
Claite: Well, guys, we decide to pull off a scare, too.
Riley: That's what he said.
Elycia, Julia, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky & Tiancky: Yes.
As Stan and his bandit gang enters another room
Stan: [pants] That was a close one.
Joanna: Yeah.
The door closing behind Stan and his bandit gang
Valta: What the...
Riley, Elycia, Julia, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky and Tiancky disguise themselves as ghosts as they approach them
Riley, Elycia, Julia, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Dicky, Aurora, Chicky and Tiancky: [ghostly voice] Wooooooo! Wooooooooo!
Stan and his bandit gang was terrified
Stan: [screams] It's a whole bunch of ghosts!
Joanna: Run for it!
Stan and his bandit gang runs away, and they enters a room filled with bones
Elsa Frankenteen: Great job!
Winnie Werewolf: It goes well! That's what it called a scream encounter.
cut to Stan and his bandit gang
Joanna: Will you find them?
Stan: I don't know.
cut to Trike and his herd
Vionet: Dear, these guys are in watery lair.
Colonel Trike: I see... Okay, show them. I know want to enter into the giant beast.
Vionet: Yes, what is it?
Stan: Juan, I don't know this is a danger.
Dongera: We'll see how that beast comes.
Joanna: What should we do? I saw it coming.
Triceratops #5: Sir, report to the giant beast.
Colonel Trike: That's good, soldier.
Dongera, Stego, King Flyer and Hal throws some bones in the water
Stan: I don't know where this is a dangerous beast came from...
Juan: Yeah. But... but...
Colonel Trike: Here it comes. Open the gates!
Hal opens the gates
Triceratops #6: The stake throws into the water.
Dongera throws a stake into the water
Dongera: Ready to open at your command, Trike.
Stan and his bandit gang looked confused and nervous
Joanna: What was that?
Juan gulped frightfully
Colonel Trike: Now!
King Flyer snaps his fingers
King Flyer [off screen]: Say hello to the well dweller!
Juan & George: Well Dweller?
Valta: What's a Well Dweller?
Shortly after, the massive purple dinosaur-esque head of the well dweller rose out of the water. Three eyes were attached to the top of the head by three stalks. The creature laughed menacingly as it moved towards them
Joe: [screams] It was the Well Dweller after all! Wow, I would never have guessed!
Joanna: [stammering] Don't come any closer...
The Well Dweller roared and loomed over them, and ready to use its tail and slams Stan and his bandit gang, they flew outside the house, then they plopped to the ground. Everyone all gather around and enjoy the campfire as everyone enjoys them.
Riley: Well, you did really good.
Elycia: You sure are.
Claite: Those cowards became so scared of monsters, ghosts and bats in the house.
Riley: Of course.
Episode ends
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