The episode begins with Riley and his friends carving the pumpkins to make Jack O' Lanterns
Riley: Yes, we're going to carve the pumpkins to turn into Jack O' Lanterns.
Elycia: You know, Riley. I knew we were going to trick or treat.
Riley: Well, Elycia. I believe you are right.
Julia: It was how your friends would collect sweets.
Toby and Denko was washing dishes at kitchen
Denko: That sounds familiar, Toby. I can't wait to go trick or treating with candy bags while the neighbors come in and gave with a bag full of candy.
Toby: [sighs] Yep, I'm actually right.
Denko: We wash the dishes so until we are done. Do you know that?
Toby: Of course.
Toby handed a corn
Toby: I've handed this.
As Toby was started to eat a corn, Dongera let out a loud roar, Toby screamed in fright as he jumped high into the air and hangs the ceiling light
Riley, Elycia, Parafly-Lum, Fojo, Faja & Dongera: [laughs]
Dongera: That's hilarious! My pranks was a great horror.
Toby: Pranks?
Toby jumped down to the floor
Toby: What pranks?
Dongera: It's easy. We hide and prepare to scare someone.
Denko: Oh. That's great! We can make these perfect costumes.
Claite: Costumes? Yeah, we love to make costumes.
Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Tiancky, Dicky, Blossona, Gina, Ari, Yusi, Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Vivian, Jake, Lily, Stephanie, Petunia, Ellie, Jeremy, Belle, Sophie, Kyle, Jerry, Molly, Conrad, Joseph, Taylor, Kacey, Wally, Berthold, Lucy, Maggie and Karina arrives
Selah: Everyone gives us candy and does what they said.
Dongera: Do you know what people put into these things? Candy!
Joseph: I'm thinking about lollipops and chocolate.
Molly: ...and gumballs and toffee.
Riley: My friends are right. Candy is candy. We'll make it ourselves.
Riley, Elycia, Julia and Gina make the costumes while they were finished
Riley: Phew! Good as new.
Elycia: You said it.
Selah, Varya, Eloise, Tasha, Piper, Vivian, Jake, Lily, Stephanie, Petunia, Ellie, Jeremy, Belle, Sophie, Kyle, Jerry, Molly, Conrad, Joseph, Taylor, Kacey, Wally, Berthold, Lucy, Maggie and Karina wearing party eye masks, walking to Riley, Elycia, Julia and Gina's side
Vivian: These masks are good for the party!
Riley: Yes, you are a good sight.
Riley wearing his cowboy costume
Riley: You may know this, but there are sweets we collect.
Elycia wearing her angel costume
Elycia: I must be a sweet angel.
Claite wearing his viking costume and Picky wearing his wrestler costume
Claite: I know there were Vikings. They mostly live in Minnesota.
Picky: I wrestle these opponents who stand in my way.
Icky and Blicky wearing their martian costumes
Icky: We will go to the moon for nothing.
Blicky: Yeah, I'm sure we'll do it.
Sune wearing her witch costume
Sune: What do you think? I have to be a witch and I have to make magic spells. That's what.
Denko wearing his monstrous goblin costume and Toby wearing his bat costume
Toby: Well, Denko? These guys are ready to wear costumes yet?
Denko: Almost, Toby.
Parafly-Lum, Fojo, Faja, Julia, Gina, Ari, Yusi and Tiancky wearing ghost costumes
Gina: What do we think?
Julia: Yeah, we are the ghoulish, spooky ghosts.
Dicky and Blossona was wrapped in bandages
Dicky: I'm feeling yummy, just like a mummy.
Blossona: You guessed it, Dicky.
Riley: Well, everyone. It's settled. We'll trick or treating!
Everyone: Yes!
Riley and his friends carrying trick or treat bags
Toby: Trick or treating, here we come!
Denko: Make way for the masked friends!
Riley and his friends walk up to a house
Riley: Okay, guys, this is it! The first step on our road to giving sweets! Just follow my lead.
Riley knocks on the door, Larry opens the door
Everyone: Trick or Treat!
Larry: Wow! What have we here? A cowboy, an angel, a viking, a wrestler, martians, a witch, a goblin, a bat, ghosts, and mummies.
Toby: Want to give some candy?
Larry: Candy, huh?
Blicky: Yes, we are trick or treaters!
Larry: [chuckles] A group of disguised friends if you ask me. That's the way to give sweets!
Denko: Oh, sure!
Larry: Well, here you get some candy.
Larry gave candy to Riley and his friends

Thank you!

Larry: You're welcome.
Larry shuts the door. Riley and his friends go up to all the houses, knock on the doors, all the people open the door, everyone says "trick or treat", they gave sweets to Riley and his friends, they closed the doors
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