The episode begins where the Glades of Dreams covered with snow, Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Olympia, Parafly-Lum, Dongera, Stego, King Flyer, Julia, Flight-Swift, Ari, Yusi, Charles, Stephanie, Petunia, Vivian, Jake and Lily walked and looked at the window
Riley: Cool! This place is covered with snow!
Elycia: Yes it is.
Barbara: Oh, my...
Olympia: What is this?
Charles: Yeah. It's a nice place for a snow.
Dongera: Well guys, if you want to make a good place outside you are in good safe.
Stego: You are? Yes, we like to go ice skating as an ice skating rink, so I always keep their playful place.
Vivian: Oh, how amazing! I could hardly wait for us to go out and play in the snow.
Olympia looked for some things like barbell, lawnmower, bananas, butter, pots, tricycle, roller skates and other items
Ari: Uh... even if you don't go to a single skate, we should be the best, most awesome ice skating I've ever seen.
Yusi: I've got it! Ari and I could skate for us. We look like us and we look like them. No one will know the difference!
Olympia: Sure I can as always.
Fojo, Faja, Toby, Denko, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Hal, Colonel Trike, Vionet, Trike Jr., Tossy, Zack, Vossy, Suki, Maggie, Belle, Sophie, Kyle, Jerry, Jeremy, Ellie, Jennifer, Piper, Selah, Eloise, Tasha and Varya come out of the back room
Toby: Hey, guys! Are you watching at?
Everyone looked at the window, and saw the place was covered with snow
Julia: Ooh! It's snowing!
Flight-Swift: Yeah, we're excited about the snow!
Everyone cheered with delight
Jerry: I like to play in the snow!
Kyle: Me too! Everyone is so excited!
Jennifer: Yes, Jerry. We can skate!
Eloise: Yeah. It never fails to amaze how wild everyone can look at this time of year.
Varya: They say we are majestic sometimes. They look like a pack of wild animals. This weather I'll understand.
Eloise: Tell me about it, trying to get through these crowds today is more work than it ever needs to be and what? All just for some old bread and eggs.
Selah: Oh come now, it's not too bad. It can be much worse if you look at it, at least none of them tend to even admit the fact was now.
Tasha: And besides, I was always told that winter would be such a happy and wonderful time, which means you shouldn't hate it.
Varya: Happy? Come on... Tell me it looks happy?
Varya pointed to a group of animals playing in the snow and made snowmen happily near the backyard
Selah: Well, perfect now, are they?
Varya: Yeah, but this is something different, in fact, I would say that it's Christmas that it is clarity on how people act.
Selah: What do you mean by that? They love Christmas?
Selah looked a little surprised that Varya would say it
Varya: Only the people always act so gracefully at this time of year. I just get it, Christmas as they call it... what makes it so special?
Eloise: I have to be kidding, it affects how they tend to act and even think daily.
Selah: Well, we can wonder about everything we went after we got what we came into town for, if we stand here, we can get out of here.
Riley: So what should we do now?
Toby: I know we can blow my own fog cloud.
Denko: Yeah, we're sure we can do it.
Toby and Denko take a deep breath, then blows onto the window, making a big cloud. They both then takes it one step further, pushing their faces into the fog, leaving perfect imprints in the cloud
Toby: See?
Denko: We told you that we imprinted their faces on.
Parafly-Lum sees this, and turns to Elycia
Parafly-Lum: Look! Toby and Denko pushing their faces and leave their perfect imprints in the cloud.
Elycia: [chuckles] Of course.
Riley: I can blow the window and make a big cloud.
Elycia: I think so.
Riley and Elycia take a deep breath, then blows onto the window, making a big cloud, which it proceeds to leave an imprint of their faces in
Riley: That was easy.
Parafly-Lum steps up to the window and tries to do the same, but it cannot quite manage to blow a cloud big enough or permanent enough. It just laughs it off, as do everyone
Fojo: I can imagine what everyone is playing in the snow we have to do.
Faja: We can do that by made a snow angel, skiing on the hills.
Picky: This place is so neat to play in the snow, Claite!
Claite: Good! To play up we will be almost as much fun as ice skating as us!
Sune: Well, Hal, it seems we are slipping some ice.
Hal: Indeed it was. [hisses]
Colonel Trike: Yes, you understand. We're doing this for myself. Just think of all the millions of cardinals on the tree branch, if you go outside instead of slipping.
Lily: Certainly. I will always play and hitting icicles sounds a tone.
Jake: Yeah, you're right about that.
Varya: I thought they made an impression on their faces. I know if I had my hands painted so well.
Tasha: I think I just don't slip myself.
Selah: Well, just be glad we can go out. Although we still have some time before dinner.
Piper: How about we all go skating to see what other fun things the guys are doing around this time? [chuckles] It will be good I bet.
Varya: Oh, that would be fun I bet.
Ari: You know, Riley, these guys are quite talk.
Riley: Absolutely right.
Toby: I've had such a wonderful day in the snow, you wouldn't believe it.
Denko: Yes, Toby. You are a genius.
Yusi: Now that we have a treasure in the temple, I am sure I will seek.
Elycia: Sure you do, Yusi. It's a top job.
Yusi: Exactly. I just know that...
Yusi accidentally throw a wrench through the room. It causes a lot of chickens squawking. Riley then looks at her shaking his head and clicking his tongue in amusement, Yusi shrugs
Riley: Very funny. Who's throwing at?
Yusi: [laughs] I hope I threw it and crashed into the barrel full of chickens.
Elycia: You know how you feel.
Ari: Elycia's right. I knew we were going out.
Piper: We hardly get a chance to see how they do it.
Varya: But I'm afraid of what it might be.
Varya chuckled. Then suddenly her eyes opened a little
Varya: Oh, wait! I actually have a better idea.
Varya jumped up and down as everyone looked at her
Selah: What's that?
Varya: Well... why shouldn't we visit them? I mean we go outside... sure we know about this holiday then.
Selah: You are right. We can get a chance to learn more about this holiday now more than we ever had.
Piper: I like the sound of that.
Riley and his friends walked outside the house, until Petunia saw the icicles
Petunia: Look! What's this?
Elycia: These are icicles, Petunia. Careful when it drops!
Petunia: I know... How does it work?
Petunia knocks one of the icicles and makes a makeshift tune
Petunia: Wow. Come here, guys, come here, come here, come here, look at this.
Jeremy and Ellie looked at the icicle and were curious. They both knock the icicles and make a tune. They thought it was really cool. Petunia knocks again, but they hear another tune. Petunia heard something interesting from this. Jeremy, Ellie and Petunia looked at Charles
Petunia: Say! Do it again, do it again!
Petunia knocks the icicle again
Charles: Like this.
Charles knocks the icicle. Stego, Dongera, King Flyer and Hal knocks the icicles
Stego: Yeah!
King Flyer: That was awesome!
Vivian, Jake and Lily knocks the icicles with their tails
Vivian: Alright!
Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky and Sune knock the icicles with their sticks, then Ari, Yusi, Julia and Flight-Swift also knock the icicles
Julia: [laughs] Ding, I love that.
Riley, Elycia and Parafly-Lum began to feel excited. Tossy, Zack, Vossy, Suki and Maggie knock the icicles
Claite: Let me hear it!
Kyle, Jerry, Stephanie and Jennifer knock the icicles. Eloise, Selah, Varya, Piper and Tasha also knock the icicles
Sune: Now hit it!
Toby and Denko knock the icicles with their sticks. Fojo and Faja give an idea. They both heading over to Colonel Trike, Vionet, Trike Jr., Belle and Sophie.
Fojo: Hey, guys! Can you knock one of the icicles?
Fojo and Faja make a ceratopsian horn impression with their hands.
Fojo: With horns?
Colonel Trike: Yes.
Vionet: I do.
Trike Jr.: Sure.
Belle: Uh-huh.
Sophie: Yeah.
Colonel Trike, Vionet, Trike Jr., Belle and Sophie hit the icicles in a row and produce a downward scale of chimes
Fojo: Yeah, Trike!
Faja: Ooh, I love it!
Riley: Let's make some music!
Riley, Elycia, Barbara, Olympia, Parafly-Lum, Fojo and Faja hit the icicles with their sticks. Everyone made a joyful tune, after they finished.
Elycia: That's the spirit!
Riley: Yes. I feel better now.
Tasha: I like to play music. It makes me feel good!
Dongera: Wonderful. Now let's look at the rink.
Riley: Uh... Yeah.
Riley and his friends entering the ice rink
Toby: Well... I guess a little fun couldn't hurt.
Denko: Yeah.
Riley: Us first. I love skating.
Riley, Elycia and Varya took their first step and skating across the ice.
Elycia: Come on in! The ice is fine!
Barbara, Olympia, Parafly-Lum, Fojo, Faja, Dongera, Stego, King Flyer, Hal and Piper is skating across the ice
Dongera: Oh, you're such show-offs.
Hal: Oh, this rink is as cold as ice.
Icky: Well, it will be a good skate for an ice.
Julia, Flight-Swift, Ari, Yusi, Charles, Stephanie, Petunia, Toby, Denko, Claite, Picky, Icky, Blicky, Sune, Zack, Vossy, Suki, Maggie, Kyle, Jerry, Jeremy, Ellie, Jennifer, Eloise and Tasha is skating across the ice. Vivian, Jake and Lily looked at the ice rink.
Vivian: Wait for us, guys!
Trike Jr.: My father taught me to skate. I can make a perfect three-horned skill.
Colonel Trike: That was an excellent speech, my son.
Vivian, Jake, Lily, Colonel Trike, Vionet, Trike Jr., Belle, Sophie and Selah then skating across the ice
Blicky: Three-horned skill? [chuckles] I already knew that.
Riley: We love skating!
Elycia: Sure it was!
Fojo and Faja riding on Belle and Sophie's backs
Parafly-Lum: Can you push?
Riley: Yep.
Elycia pushes him as Parafly-Lum slides over the ice. Hal, seeing that wants to make it happen
Hal: Say, Stego. Would you mind have me a reptile-like push?
Stego: Okay.
Stego drives Hal; it slides, plows through Petunia, Vivian, Jake, Lily and Jennifer, bounces off the fence, stumbles Claite and Sune and crashes through Stephanie. It does, however, slams to a halt when it slams into a wall, causing it to become dizzy and fall over
Hal: Oh, I feel dizzy.
Picky: [chuckles]
Julia and Flight-Swift smiled at Hal, when suddenly Stan's voice was heard. Julia, Flight-Swift and Hal saw Stan, Harry, George, Juan, Joanna, Daniel, Valta and Sharon appears
Stan: You guys are having fun, but you'll get hurt if they continue to slide like banana peels.
Joanna: He is right, we'll make our way down to show them how it is done.
Valta: We won't let anyone fall us.
Parafly-Lum bumps into Riley and Elycia, knocking them both down
Selah: Do you have a gangster on an ice skate?
Eloise: I got a burger and soda! And we won't lose that you're trying to cheat!
Valta eats a burger and Sharon drinks a soda
Eloise: Oh. I get it.
Stan: We come in first.
Daniel: Yes, Stan. We're not letting us down.
Stan and his bandit gang makes their way onto the ice, but suddenly panics as they loses their traction, but manage to catch themselves on their feet
Valta: [sighs]
But Valta suddenly begins to accelerate and realizes that Jeremy and Ellie are sweeping the ice in front of him like an Olympic curler
Valta: [exclaims] How will this slip me on the ice?!
Jennifer soon slides out to assist, and Valta crashes right into Daniel, George and Juan, sending them into a fast slide that results in it sliding off the ice and into a tree. This results in a pile of snow falling on it, much to the other Riley's friends. Valta, Daniel, George and Juan fails to see the humor.
Stan: Oh, come on. You know how you skating right into a tree. And do you know why?
Juan: Because we slipped?
George: And crashed into the tree?
Stan: No! You will not give up.
Juan, George, Daniel & Valta: Us?
Stan: That's right! Every time I come up with a brilliant plan, you made a mistake!
Daniel: We do?
Valta: Uh... I thought we made a mistake together.
Daniel: Yeah! We're good at it!
Stan: Oh, well. You guys, I give you a surprise.
Joanna: Sure.
Harry: Okay.
Sharon: Thanks.
Stan: And here's your chance... We take those stupid Riley's friends out!
Stan and his bandit gang then spotted Vivian curling for Hal, Toby and Denko
Joanna: Let's take them out, we're good for the most part already!
Stan, Harry and Joanna makes his way out and starts sweeping too
Harry: We can sweep them before we crash into the tree a coconut fall.
Denko: Coconut? I thought we're sweeping with Vivian.
Sharon: I thought we're pushing you.
Toby: You can't push us.
Joanna: Oh, yeah?
Stan: Watch us.
Stan and Joanna push them. Soon Hal, Toby and Denko are sent on a similar journey as Valta, Daniel, George and Juan, with similar results. Even they crash in a tree and are buried in snow
Piper: Oh, this can't be good.
Stan: [laughs] Score one to the bandits!
Stan, Joanna, Harry & Sharon: [laughing]
Hal, Toby and Denko bursts out of the snow
Hal: I don't think so!
Hal wraps Stan, Harry, Joanna and Sharon up with his coils. Hal then sends Stan, Harry, Joanna and Sharon into a wild spin on the ice. Vivian, Toby, Denko, Jeremy, Ellie, Varya and Selah start sweeping, making Stan, Harry, Joanna and Sharon go even faster. Stan, Harry, Joanna and Sharon end up sending Tasha, Piper, Jennifer and Maggie in spin and are pinged by Stego as a Pinball hitting a bumper. Stan, Harry, Joanna and Sharon collide straight into George, Juan, Daniel and Valta, they hit by Colonel Trike and Vionet with their frills, sent Stan and his bandit gang flying out of the ice, they landed on the ground. Riley and his friends having another laugh at Stan and his bandit gang's expense
Denko: Wow! What happened?
Elycia: What a wild spin! See, Riley? We knew how it was the best ice skating!
Riley: Absolutely.
Varya: We're unbeatable team!
Eloise: Yeah.
Tasha: Good.
Piper: [laughing] Sure!
At sunset, Riley and his friends are still sliding away on the ice. When they're done, everyone makes their way off the ice
Riley: I knew it was a happy ride.
Elycia: That's a very good idea, Riley.
Riley and his friends gave a playful hug
Sune: We're proud of you, guys.
Elycia: Hmm.
Denko: You were right, Toby! It's really good at speeding up.
Toby: Told you.
Episode ends
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